Even though I wrote about the Buffalo Bobs Hair salon only recently, I realised that I had not talked about their current output in the fashion department, so seeing as they just announced a whole host of pre-fall items I thought I would remedy that right now.  I suppose the bigger question that you might be asking is why I would feel compelled to write about them so consistently, well, not only am I a fan but also I always strive to be representative of what is actually going on on the clean streets of Tokyo, and frankly this is it.

Perhaps that is too literal, but you get my drift.  Anyway the pre-fall  collection is adeptly modelled by the unbelievably versatile Men’s Knuckle model Kyohei Sano who also happens to model for Jury Black.

It is a healthy mix of items from the current season, a good number of risks away from the usual remit and a couple of stylistic curve balls, but by and large it feels very neutral.  I suppose that reflects something really important about this kind of men’s street fashion that 12 months ago I might have even called Gyaru-O, that the massive hair and styling is heading at quite a pace towards a more acceptable neutrality.  It seems that the sub-cultures that gave Japanese fashion its status to the West are rapidly becoming “actual fashion” and it seems that fans in Japan at least are on board with the shift.  Either way it definitely goes to show that Buffalo Bobs are very versatile this season and that you can style your BB wardrobe pretty much any way you desire.  Hence the Men’s Knuckle Onii-kei styling:

And some visual / host styling:

This is what I mean when I say that Buffalo Bobs is hugely representative of men’s street fashion.  It ticks all the boxes from Kabukicho hosts, OraOra boys who seem to be cluttering up Center-Gai, black draped monks of Harajuku and most importantly of all – the fashion civilians – you know who I am talking about, the salarymen who need clothes for the weekend and the university boys whose interest in fashion lasts as long as their hunt for a girlfriend.

Not that any part of that last paragraph is verging on a criticism from me, oh no, if you raise the basic standard of pervasive fashion it just creates an environment that allows the real avant-garde room to flourish and you know what?  There is a good chance that Buffalo Bobs will find its way into their wardrobe too.

As usual you can go spending here, and stay tuned for more here as the other key streetwear brands reveal their cards for the coming season.

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3 Responses to Buffalo Bobs Pre-Fall Collection 2011

  1. brad-t says:

    Where did you get all these pics? Want more details but can’t find them anymore.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    Sorry, the original files are only a couple of pixels larger. Getting sent clean pictures before they end up in mags/rakuten is quite a challenge. I am still trying to badger my way in…

  3. brad-t says:

    Oh, I see. “Sources.” 🙂

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