I must admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Buffalo Bobs clothing.  In fact now I think about it I have never brought anything from there and seeing as it is one of the bedrocks of 109-2 street style that is a little bit of a surprise.  Well I have a feeling that that is all about to change with this year’s s/s collection.  I don’t know if they have brought in a new designer but almost everything is exciting me right now.  They seem to have aimed at a far more fitted look this year as well as covering their designs with as much detail as humanly possible.  Very impressive.

First to catch my eye are these amazing mule boots that bridge the tricky gap between comfort in the summer and city-appropriate.

I would pair these with these shiny coating laced up trousers that you could loosen in the summer

Also you could use all the pockets in the summer so you would not need to carry a bag as well.  To finish off the look and give you a bit more carrying space as well as being able to give you a slightly slimmer profile if you want

Now how cool is that, and I am pretty damn sure I have not seen anything even remotely similar to it before.

All I can say is that I am blown away by this new collection, just goes to show that you should always keeps an eye out even for brands that you would not normally consider.


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  2. Betty Wong says:

    Hi I am from Singapore. My Husband is a fan of Buffalo Bobs and we always will visit your shop when we go to Japan. He bought a bag from Japan and is his favourite. Unfortunately the buckle on the strap came off. I need to help him to replace it. Pls contact me by email so I can send you photo. According to your website, you still selling the bag. We are going to Tokyo in December so would like to know what can be done. Thanks.

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