Bunny Bissoux’s first ever exhibition in Japan kicked off last night at the recently opened Kata Gallery in Ebisu with a live painting performance featuring the performance troupe Group A.  It will run to the 31st so you have a good two weeks to see it in person, and I am sure you will fall in love with her quirky, cute and occasionally creepy world that won her the chance to exhibit at this fantastic new hub for the Tokyo art scene.  Her work walks the line between illustration and art, in that individually her work has more in common with the zines and early 80s Japanese doujinshi, but it is the cultivate world view that she presents that makes it art.  Overall that world view is best summed up as “obsession”, whether it is an obsession with wrestling, 80s metal or Johnny’s Entertainment, she produces a mammoth amount of work that takes in all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the topic at hand and really captures what it is to be a fanatical fan.

The theme of this exhibition is Tokyo as seen as an outsider, as an artist which puts you on the cusp to begin with, but also as a foreigner.  From there she captures the inherent creepiness of Kawaii culture with her own mascot – The Clown Dog, text messages from Gackt, the K-pop invasion, why Ryu will always beat Ken in Street Fighter and much more besides.  We are going to give you a little snapshot of the work, but for best results you will have to pay it a visit yourself (admission is free).

I believe that is Bunny herself smirking in the tree on the left and sums up her character quite succinctly.

This is the aforementioned Clown Dog looking very pleased with himself as ever.

The exhibition is split between larger pieces on three walls with one devoted entirely to her sketchbook from the last year:

As an old school games I particularly enjoyed the “My Sega Crushes” on the right.

I was surprised to see that we turned up a couple of times in her sketchbook as well.

For more on the world of Bunny Bissoux you will want to go here where you will find links to her various blogs and past work.

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3 Responses to Bunny Bissoux – Powder Pink Magic – Exhibition in Kata, Ebisu

  1. I’m totally in love with that clown dog!

  2. JPL says:

    How long is this exhibition on for? I want to see it when I’m over in October.

  3. Samuel says:

    @ JPL

    It runs to the 31st of August I am afraid – sorry! Keep an eye on Bunny’s blog as that is where she will announce where the next one will be.

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