Candy’s lookbooks are a true rarity in the fashion world.  They are an aggregation of brands that you would never usually place together, styled in a way far-removed from the original vision, but they somehow manage to represent a concise vision of the direction that Candy will take later that season.  This is after-all no ordinary select-shop, this is an institution and the best representation of genius at the core of Japanese fashion.  Yes, 50 percent of the brands in the lookbook may not actually be Japanese, but it is the influences of Shibuya street style, the progressive styling and more than anything – vision – that makes this a must see for those who want to keep up with the ever-changing face of Japanese fashion.

A pleasant helping of KTZ’s current season  on the left there and a decent dose of Phenomenon on the right.  The colours are muted, the hair and make-up restrained – a fitting match for these times of austerity.

Instantly iconic House of Flora hat sits next to vintage, Mikio Sakabe and my new favorite – Chloma.  I think it is great that Candy make the effort to promote themselves in this way and by turns the young and nicke designers that they stock.  If they did not then they would have to fight for every centimeter they would receive in any mainstream magazine and probably lose their strong identity in the process.  Far better to take control for themselves and embrace the online, and it seems to have worked because now they do seem to be truly unstoppable.

I spy some Christian Dada heels on the right – always approved.

As is this – which might be a little bit more suitable for the environment that this young model has found himself in.

Into the key looks of the collection and it is clear we are in for a grungy Autumn with murky greens courtesy of Unif and KTZ, perfect for pairing with some cheaper vintage pieces as the two looks above demonstrate (and is that really a British Palace Guard’s hat I spy on the left?).

That obscene jacket is by 99%is- (no official HP just yet) who can usually be found lurking around Ura-Harajuku selling his wares.

But that is not all, if you are around in Japan this Fashion Week then Candy are celebrating their 5th Anniversary with the ever awesome fancyHIM and London’s finest DJ and Gareth Pugh’s very own catwalk show composer – Matthew Stone (guess what I am listening to right now).  It is on the 14th and sure to be a blast – details as they happen on Fake Tokyo.

Still got a sweet tooth?  Then you will be happy to know that Candy are having their first ever pop-up shop in Harajuku LaForet for the best part of October.  Expect lots of collaborations and some affordable iPhone love from the great and good of Candy:

And it might well be a perfect (and rare) opportunity to sample some new Yuima Nakazato which gives me the opputunity to post the following image from his last and only appearance at JFW (which I for one will never get bored of).

There are plenty more pictures and information over here and we might well incorporate this into our Japan Fashion Week coverage coming very very soon.

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3 Responses to Candy A/W 2011-12, 5th Anniversary and LaForet Pop-up Shop

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful lookbook!
    Especially the last outfit 😀

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Laura

    I am with you in loving that outfit, I promise I will feature the designer behind 99%IS- soon, he is just a difficult guy to track down!

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