If you’re a follower of our twitter (if you’re not, you really should be!), one of the images below may look a little familiar;

(images in boxes from MA&*RS, outfits from Murua)

Personally, I love a good print, and aside from leopard chain prints are a particular favourite of mine. This season, chains have been cropping up all over the place: from OTT gyaru MA*RS to the more mature mode from Murua. I love MA*RS’ crazily busy prints that not only include chains but also perfume bottles, jewels and ribbons in some pretty lurid colour combinations – not suitable if you suffer from migraines! Thankfully, I don’t… I also love Murua’s nod to the trend; appearing on everything from shorts to dresses, chain print is a statement look from this brand this season.

I love mode’s homages to classic design – the ultimate white shirt is also a big feature – and I’m not one to turn down a granny-esque silk scarf! Scarves themselves are a great versatile accessory and can compliment any outfit in the form of a belt, hair ribbon, turban (a current mode trend – very 1920s glam!), or tied on to a bag like I did with my ancient h&m scarf above – I simply threaded it through the strap-holder to form a bow shape and added some vintage brooches in matching colours to secure it. Quite possibly the easiest DIY ever! Huge thanks to Samuel for loan of the bag; I love sharing! Haha.


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