I very very briefly mentioned Japanese punk & fashion in my post on Union Jack flags the other day (I’ll have to expand on it soon!), and carrying the baton for amazing jewellery that captures a real punk spirit is Chigo.

As stated on their website: “Chigo is a Tokyo based rock band [that] started off their activities in 1999. They don’t use guitar or bass but express music through [the] world of ‘jewellery’. As if playing a music, Chigo creates each jewellery piece as a homage to rock musicians with great respect to them.

A band that doesn’t make music, but jewellery instead? Count me in!

Continue reading after the click-through for skulls, anarchy, festivals and an awesome collaboration;

The fringe rings on the right remind me of a similar one from Emoda – love this concept!

Such a great idea: a music festival style bangle! A must for any festival kid.

Great take on both religious & punk anarchy imagery.

These make me think of memento mori & classic Italian jewellery design. The kissing skulls are so sweet!

You know I can’t resist a Bowie reference, right?

I really like these jumbles of studs – luxury punk!

The pieces above and below are from a Chigo x Wataru Komachi collaboration. I’m a huge fan of the necklaces above; they’ve really inspired me to dig through piles of old jewellery and charms to create a lovely jumble.

Oh Chigo: you are so fxxking special! I think Samuel definitely deserves this bracelet too!

See more from Chigo at the homepage

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