Yes – a double dose of Christian Dada! What more could you neo-Tokyo punk kids want? Seriously though, it is a pretty amazing collection and I’ve been enjoying dressing up in my head and mentally prancing around the city in blocky leather t-shirts and wooly trousers. As you do. As I will – I must make an effort be braver with my clothing choices, y’know, dressing for myself and all that. However living in Tokyo provides the casual/professional shopper with an almost paralysing choice of amazing clothes, and it’s pretty much impossible to wear all the clothes. Try as hard as I might, I don’t think fellow rush-hour train passengers would appreciate me wearing a multitude of layers and looking a bit like a fashionable human/onion. Oh well.

Yesterday I talked a little about Christian Dada’s catwalk show, and how fantastic it was to see models emerging from forest-like dappled green lights and the brilliant little film at the end and everyone in the audience was also aching cool – if you needed proof, we were sitting next to Yann from super-Euro boutique Wut Berlin. Today I’d like to talk a little more about the theme behind the collection, Lost.

Morikawa wasn’t the only designer to name his collection Lost: Whizz Limited also plumped for this title, but while the Whizz models trouped on and on through sand, Christian Dada got a bit more spiritual. This was more about mankind’s relationship with nature and how, after we’ve gone about as far as we can go with technology and infrastructure, can we really ever return to nature? This took the form of a wonderfully textured moss-like fabric (obnoxious close-up further down) and large gauge knitwear made to look like branches and veins, contrasted with leaf prints and geometric lines with right angles that seemed at odds with the lovely randomness of the moss-fabric. This was a collection of contrasts and I’d probably be asked to leave the country if I didn’t also say that yes, Japan itself is also a collection of contrasts.

Is a return to nature really necessary? Are we lost? I don’t know the answers, but maybe Christian Dada has a clue or two.

Look at it! Amazing!

I’m reliably informed that this is a mix of artificial fibres and wool which is then boiled to create this incredible texture.

It just wouldn’t be Christian Dada without a few studs…

I’ve got my eye on the leather and wool shirt!

Last but not least:

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