Sometimes it takes a while to actually sit down and write something. I think it’s high time I finally get my act together and talk about Christian Dada’s show at Fashion Week Tokyo last month – believe me, it’s no reflection on the collection, it’s just that 24 hours really isn’t enough time in the day any more. Can anyone sort out a 27 hour day? That would be perfect, thanks… As long-time readers of Tokyo Telephone will be aware, we’re both huge fans of Christian Dada – his contemporary takes on Camden classics won us over instantly – and it’s a wonderful feeling to see a designer you’ve supported for a couple of years rise to their rightful place on the catwalks and in the press.

 Titled Lost, this collection was a departure from last season’s sculptural womenswear extravaganza and saw Morikawa, along with a host of other Japanese designers, explore the relationship between man and nature. A friend of mine once said that the usually calm demeanour of the Japanese people is due to their relationship with one of nature’s most turbulent islands – maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s simplifying things to a large degree (perhaps that’s why England’s tranquil countryside inspires rebellion!). Either way, Christian Dada was on fantastic form and the sense of excitement grew palpably with each model’s turn on the runway. From long swathes of sheer black fabric and fur-trimmed trousers to ripped jeans and plenty of studs, this was the brand at its best. Combining womenswear and menswear on the catwalk for the first time, Morikawa showed us his vision of humanity. A little on the post-apocalyptic side, this image was aided by the punk influences that are a signature of Christian Dada style. While it’s easily said that this collection was more accessible than the previous one, there were still a few more avant-garde touches here and there – the last look being a hybrid man-flower than anyone who’s seen a Georgia O’Keefe painting would crack a wry smile at.

I’ll be delving deeper into the theme and specific items with the look-book and showroom photographs tomorrow, so for now keep scrolling down and don’t forget to press play on the finale video:

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