Christian Dada has come such a long way since we first spotted his hand customized t-shirts and jackets in Candy, Fake Tokyo.  It goes without saying that his eye for London fashion (where he cut his teeth) resonated strongly with us on a personal level, but there was always something unique beyond his well studied take on counter culture, and it is a pleasure to see it come to fruition right now.  His is a rise that was arguably key in putting the aforementioned Fake Tokyo on the Japanese fashion map, brought a bit of much needed edge into the institutional halls of the official Tokyo Fashion Week and now sees him finally taking his physical place on the streets of Tokyo.

The opening party for the shop was furnished with these ice blocks that designer Masanori Morikawa used so memorably in this collection, his penchant for the insignia of the underground showing up in pentagram form above.

It was great to see Morikawa at the opening party looking as proud as he ought to be and promising me a show at TFW that places entertainment high on the bill – something I am very keen on endorsing in the current fashion climate.  It was also interesting to hear that he is interested to take his collection abroad, the most logical match being London, and it would be great to see him pay respect to the scene that so heavily influenced his early work.

Talking of which, the heavy geometric studding that caught Tokyo’s collection eye back in the early days was heavy on the ground (and on your back were you to wear it).  For the opening of the shop a couple of his razor sharp bombers and t-shirts have been given a thoughtful reworking – so if you are in the market for something custom now is your chance.

Moving on to some of his more current showpiece work and we find items produced for Lady Gaga amongst other famous fans.

This centre ensemble was worn very memorably by Lady Gaga, but it is the shoes either side produced by Masaya Kushino that I am still in love with.

On to the core line-up and we have the full current collection on sale looking absolutely glorious on the racks.  The increasingly classical direction bounces off the streetwear ideas well, and is echoed perfectly by the contrasting concrete dotted with florals bunker setting.

The casual selection that to my shame I rarely focus on, but which is always really well put together.

His new rubber studs that are mercifully altogether lighter and all the more subversive if you ask me.

This showpiece was previously only shown encased in ice, so take this as a chance to see it in the flesh!

Elsewhere we complete the Dada world with accessories,

easy layers,

and fantastic shoes.

For more on Christian Dada you will want to go here and you can pop the address below into your phone to find the shop for yourself:

NS-T Building B1F, 3-26-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Needless to say we will be reporting on the Christian Dada show from Tokyo Fashion Week later this month, but for now let us just a moment to applaud a genuine talent on the way up.

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