Of all the Dinner collective group of designers and artists, Bodysong is the one who has undergone the most rapid of transformations as he has garnered attention in the Japanese fashion scene.  Balmung and runurunu may have always had a truly distinct aesthetic, and Junya Suzuki/Chroma may have consistently stuck to the same themes, but Bodysong has taken a couple of detours along the way.  However from his last two seasons, he has emerged from the proverbial cocoon with a truly unique style, and one that a lot of very important people are starting to take note of.  I can’t name names, but his brave vision of psychedelic cultism has caught some serious buyer’s eyes and you could not wish it on a more talented guy.

Perhaps it is the affection that Tokyo always seems to have with imagery and artifacts of its heady technological growth that is key to his success.  Electronic artifacts and references to the visual signifiers of outdated technology abound in his work, to the point where it is a vaguely nostalgic journey into the alien noises that came out of buzzing electrical equipment we have regrettably no use for.  This combined with his cultish and Buddhist references all builds to his idea of some kind of new Tokyo tribe that feels truly outside the mainstream.  It is not a dissimilar feeling to the first time you encounter any foreign religion, you don’t know what all the imagery and ceremonial aspects mean, but you know that it means something.

I can’t praise the standards of materials highly enough in the work, with perfectly conceived prints, thick layer after layer of fabrics and detailing all building to a coordinate that is a saturation of imagery on a saturation of fabrics on a saturation of layering.  The colours may keep to the sportswear grey with red, blue and green that has been a constant favorite of his in the core items, but the heavier one of a kind outerwear has a bit more fun with darker colours and is the all the more wearable for it.  Particularly his work with Yoshirotten is as dark and edgy as you could possible hope for.

The details in the collection are all in the fabrics themselves, with the exception of some hand woven borders, and 3D padded elements surreptitiously mixed in.

I know in places it can look like chaos, but hopefully you can see that it does all flow together with some kind of rhythm.  At the very least, as long as it strikes you as new, yet clearly the culmination of Tokyo street culture, then we have managed to capture the essence of the exhibition.  Enjoy:

Stay tuned for the last part of the exhibition with a close look at runurunu, who has something exciting up his sleeve this season…

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4 Responses to Cocoon 5 – Bodysong A/W 2012-13 Collection New Tribe

  1. Wonderful, amazing fashion. Look at that DETAIL! I definitely want to see more. Do you know who stocks Bodysong in Tokyo? I’m guessing Hayatochiri and maybe Itazura? Anyone else?

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    It is even better in the flesh, seriously this guy is nailing it right now. As for his stockists, Honey’s Dead (opening report coming soon) and Wut Berlin stock a good amount of his stuff, as do Gokai in Akihabara.

  3. Oh okay, I love Wut Berlin but I am not familiar with Gokai in Akihabara. Looks like I will have to make it out to Akihabara this next trip! Looking forward to “Honey’s Dead” report.

  4. Samuel says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    Oh, and how could I forget Candy! Actually they are having a pre-order exhibition for Bodysong, Runurunu and Balmung today.

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