I’m sure long-time readers of Tokyo Telephone know that, along with Japanese fashion, we have huge soft-spot for Koenji – we love it so much, we’ve even relocated Telephone Towers there! I think it’s the great mix of old and new, lots of independent shops and a real sense of the creative spirit that we can’t get enough of, and it seems we’re not the only ones…

Koenji is regarded as one of Tokyo’s best up-and-coming (but it’s already here!) places, and I do strongly urge anyone visiting Tokyo to add it to their list of places to visit in the city. Take a walk through the narrow streets north of the station, kick back and relax in a cafe, wander south and take in the amazing vintage shops and maybe try your luck with a spicy burger at Devil’s Kitchen. Or be like me (Rebecca), and see how many cats you can bother and encourage to jump up on you. Ahem.

Even though it’s now the middle of October, I can assure you that in Tokyo it’s still  a very balmy 23-ish degrees – I’ve not even had to wear a vest, which is pretty much unthinkable at this time of year in the UK. So, with heat still on our minds, here’s a few photos showing just how vibrant Koenji is:

Amazing retro toy shop.

Sometimes it seem like Koenji streets are lined with flower shops…

I love a good mascot character! Especially when it’s an elephant wearing clothes.

You know I can’t resist a vintage shop!

Oh, tequila… We really have to go here one day. Although the last time I had tequila I ended up attempting to do a hand-stand near the top of a flight of stairs, hmmm.

Beautiful vintage display.

Outside a little cafe, custom iced biscuits.

Don’t worry, Homer!

Millions of tiny little (voodoo?!) dolls.

Kind of love the idea of Ms Lily.

Brightening up the street.

Mise pants are… pants that it’s ok to show! I’d be proud to show off any of those.

Baskin Robbins’ Halloween display – fear not, I’ve got a whole collection of Halloween photos coming up soon!

And finally, for all the crazy cat ladies like me, this charming gentleman. Awww.

Stay tuned for more Koenji photos (probably sooner rather than later); I’m looking forward to capturing more of the north side on camera…

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