The long biker wallet is one of my absolute style essentials. It completely changes your silhouette adding a strong masculine feature, which can be just right for breaking up an otherwise tight ensemble. Not only that, having a full size wallet becomes a feature in itself and there are a wealth of beautiful wallets out there using the best in carving, inlays and exotic leathers that require a larger canvas to work with. Not to mention that you will need a wallet chain to secure it, so you have a perfect excuse to carry a beautiful piece of silver or brass wherever you go.

However, much as I love a long wallet they are not without their issues. Namely that a lot of the aforementioned tight trousers don’t actually offer pockets big enough to contain the damn things! Some Bloody Mary and especially Van Amburg wallets are sold in a size far too large for even the most cavernous pockets. Which leads me to the saviour of those who love them – the wallet holder.

Those are some pretty extreme examples, but you get the idea. I hope as you can tell from the picture above that like most leather items, it is only a matter of time before they evolve beyond their practical origin into a thing of craft and beauty that takes pride in using materials and techniques that exemplify the shape of the piece. In this case the wallet holder is a prime playground for odder cuts of leather and imaginative clasps.

To return to my original point of the silhouette, the one thing that occasionally grates with my beloved biker wallets is that they can play havoc with a nice tight tailored jacket – namely that they create a pretty ugly bump in the back. The great thing about keeping your wallet in the holder is that (dependent on the holder) it will keep the wallet a couple of inches lower than if it was in your pocket, which is usually just the right amount for it not to interfere with a jacket.

These are probably things that you will never think of till you actually own one yourself, but it really does take commitment to carry off this look successfully and stylishly. Oh and don’t get me started on the options of conchos, wallet hangers, belt loops and of-course the king of them all – the wallet chain.

All in all the wallet is one item that you are going to be wearing every single day so it is important to get the look right, as well as bearing in mind issues of safety (dull I know). My advice is just to go for it and upgrade into the world of biker wallets, whether you wear it with a suit or jeans it is a statement that even though they are occasionally impractical, you are committed to the look and the lifestyle.


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  1. brad-t says:

    I could never get into these, personally. Not to say I don’t like the look on others — I do — but the bulk it adds to slim clothing in a pretty unflattering way. I just bought a new, fairly slim wallet from OIOI that I hope I’ll be happy with.

    I got the black one. Unfortunately, there’s no spot for a chain, which is maybe the only downside I can see. Will probably just keep it in my bag anyway. I really would prefer to not ever have anything in my pockets.

    I do like the biker chains a lot, though, haha! In love with this TM keyholder:

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    That Patrick Cox one looks nice, and if you want to attach a chain then you can get sterling silver parts for it really easily. Just pop a hole in the wallet on the fold with a belt hole punch and screw in a wallet ring or grommet. Wearing a wallet chain just looks great, I don’t know what it is, maybe the movement or the shape it adds to your leg – but it is all good.

    And I don’t think I have ever seen that Tornado Mart keyholder before – good find!

  3. brad-t says:

    Yeah I have a wallet chain coming too, will probably wear it sans wallet most of the time haha

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