As a man I couldn’t help but feel a little bit left out of the millinery fascination caused by the Royal wedding, well, there are great hats for men out there and I thought I would introduce one of my favorite hat makers today: Curione.  I discovered this little known brand while trying to find out who was responsible for the great hats that have been used in the THUNDERBOX lookbooks.  To my delight it turned out that those, while still very good, were just the tip of the iceberg and that there was a whole gulf of millinery delight waiting to be explored courtesy of Curione.  Now, I know that a lot of these are way outside the “wearable” category but I think there are enough there which are down to earth, or the streets of Harajuku at the very least.

Continue reading for my favorites from their current line-up for both men and women.  Also I have managed to get a picture of each one being worn to put it in the kind of context you really need to appreciate a damn good hat.

On with the hats:

If Junji Ito designed hats…

Love the mix of classic studs and spikes next to the barbed wire.

Very cute and classy.

Simply amazing.  Love those cute little frogs in the surf.

You just have to admire the perfect proportions of these.

I definitely saved my favorite till last – it successfully combines my two loves – creepy faces with studding!

Quality wise these hats really do vary: some are wool, some are hemp and some velour – obviously that effects the price, so some go for around the 10000 yen mark and some push 80000.  But in each case you are getting something with a wonderful finish worked on by a single designer by hand.

In terms of styling I could see the simpler designs fitting in easily around the streets of Tokyo in an artistic bohemian fit, but the more extreme articles (like so much headwear) will have to be saved for the most special of special occasions.  But you can rest assured that when you do, it will all be worth it, and till that opportunity presents itself  you just know that you would get a kick out of it by merely being in its presence.

If I have peaked your interest you can see more here and they have a couple of Tokyo stockists if you want to pursue one.  The ones produced in collaboration with THUNDERBOX are available online here with more set to come in in the the future.

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