As you may have seen on our twitter (@tokyo_telephone), our new business cards arrived from! I was so excited, I took a leaf out of Caroline from F Yeah Lolita‘s book and set about blinging up my business card holder. I gathered my supplies together and got decorating…

As you can see, I’m no expert! I wont bore you with a tutorial, but I decided to go for something fairly simple and in pink to match the case. You can see it in comparison to my phone in the bottom left photo.

I fell head-over-heels in love with ‘deco’ on my first visit to Japan back in 2005, but I never knew what the fashion for decorating everything with sparkly jewels was even called until much later!

Deco comes in many shapes and forms, involving glitter, jewels, cabochons, fake sweets and even artificial cream, and pretty much anything can be decorated: popular choices are mobile phones, mirrors, hairbrushes, glasses, portable game cases… the list is endless! It’s a nation-wide trend, and there’s bound to be at least one store selling supplies in every city.

I love deco; my only warning is that it’s incredibly addictive, and before you know it every flat surface you own will be covered in tiny jewels and little fake fruits…


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