Under the Mark-Styler umbrella, along with previously featured brands Murua & Emoda, is Dazzlin. Unlike it’s mode gyaru sisters, Dazzlin favours a more vintage-inspired look, and last season saw a plethora of simple coordinates that echoed perfectly the feminine looks of past fashion eras. This up-coming spring and summer are less understated…

Where Murua and Emoda showed black & white and florals, the main of focus of Dazzlin’s latest collection is all about patterns! Polka and gingham remind me instantly of the 1950s in all it’s retro glory, and I think Dazzlin have done well to capture the sweet spirit of the era. I really enjoyed the mix of patterns and prints, flashes of red and reworking of denim that run throughout each outfit. This summer is all about frills, bows and puffs – puffy hair, puffy sleeves and puffy skirts – and shows Dazzlin at it’s flirty vintage best.

Read on for more huge hair and less fake eyes…

I’m really happy to see red back again! I simply adore the red shoes, biker gloves and frilled shorts

Red gingham – possible the most kitsch/kawaii combination ever! Oh, those red t-bar shoes…

Sparkly fringed ra-ra shorts? Count me in!

Really like the mix of pattern sizes and colours here, and although red & blue often feels too nautical, the peter-pan collar and bloomer-like shorts keep it on the girly side

Such an amazing outfit – the red really lifts the printed blouse and fringed playsuit

I’m pretty sure there was something almost identical to this cardigan & pink gingham coordinate in the Liz Lisa collection too!

Blue polka dots, and a Cath Kidston-like nod to the floral trend

This sweet babydoll dress look just perfect with the flash of purple petticoat & heart necklace and red polka dot heels

Now that’s what I call a skirt! It creates a really amazing shape on the body – perhaps we’ll be seeing more defined shapes from these brands in the future? I’m also predicting big things for these perfectly pretty polka dot shoes…

Vintage Americana – hand me glass bottle of Coca Cola and some roller-skates! (Or on the other hand, play ‘America’ by Rammstein at full blast  – yeaaaah)

Although this collection from Dazzlin is less to my own personal tastes than the other Mark-Styler brands I’ve featured so far, I nonetheless find it truly enjoyable. My highlights are the polka dot shoes (get them now!), mis-matching gingham and touches of red in accessories and again on the lips; unusually, winter make-up crossing over to the next season, and a catwalk move away from the nude lip. I think this collection shows a real evolution of ame-kaji (American casual) style in current fashion, away from cowboy boots and jeans and back towards the fifties feminine cuteness that so resonated with Japan in the immediate post-war period. Hurrah for Dazzlin, a stand-out collection indeed.


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6 Responses to Dazzle me, Dazzlin: spring summer 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    I really want to say something sensible and profound about this collection, but all I can think is “キャァァァァァー!!!!!O(≧∇≦)O”
    It has puffs, big hair, gingham, frills, polka dots…. I love it. I love it all! But especially the blue gingham shorts and that fantastic swimsuit. ^-^

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I love it too, it’s just so much fun isn’t it? 🙂

    I’m really digging the red t-bar shoes & biker gloves the most at the moment!


  3. Tori says:

    DO WANT a pair of those glittery fringed ra-ra shorts ♥

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Me too! Let’s bring the 1920s flapper look back 😉


  5. Ynez says:

    Where can I buy??

  6. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Runway Channel is your best bet – you may need a shopping service though.

    Hope that helps!


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