Hey! It may be baking hot outside, but let’s take a look at what’s Dazzlin for this autumn…

In a marked departure from this summer’s look for Dazzlin’ (plenty of denim, Americana and polka dots), we’re seeing a return to a more relaxed feel. There’s a gorgeous variety of colours here, from teal green and mustard to ochre and burgundy – plenty to play with and mix & match. From the looks for the major Mark-Styler brands (including Emoda & Murua, as well as Laguna Moon, Mercury Duo, Gyda and Borny to name a few), it’s these stunning rich colours that will be the big hit for the upcoming season – get in those autumn leaf colours now! You can now blend in with Japan’s ever-changing leaves like never before! (I think I’m only slightly joking.)

In terms of garments, we’re seeing the re-birth of the midi-skirt! Yes, we’ve had the maxi and the mini, now we’re taking another cue from the catwalks and going for midi/calf length. It’s a really cute style, and compliments to the neo-70’s vibe of the season, but will always remind me of middle-aged school teachers. I’ve been creating my own midi skirts this summer by using safety pins to bunch up the side-seam of my maxi dresses, which hopefully gives off less of a matronly feel when paired with army boots! In addition to the aforementioned midis, there’s also a healthy helping of peter pan collars and cropped trousers – a great mix of masculine and feminine. In this case, “everyday sweet, but casual” for the “Funny Girl” look book seems just about right!

Orange furry coat with zebra shoes? Why, yes indeed.

Ah, the polka dot returns! Digging the hats & high-waisted shorts too.

Love that little dress! I spy some great colourful envelope clutch bags too…

Thos purple shoes are fantastic! The ankle socks and blouse add to the girly feel.

Note hugely keen on this particular hat, but ho hum!

You say midi, I say – granny chic?

Adore the right-hand look! Totally on the right side of preppy-masculine cute. Love it all.

Raiding the dressing up box? Some lovely colour combinations here, carried on from the colour-blocking of this summer.

Tigerrrr! Really like the scalloped edges of the peach top on the right.

Still going with retro, I see?

This is a great, and very autumnal feeling, collection from Dazzlin’ which I’m sure will be very popular with a huge variety of girls. To me personally, it really feel like it could have come from Topshop – maybe I’m just picking up English and/or blogger style vibes? What to do you think?

Visit the Dazzlin’ site here, or the Runway Channel site to grab some of key look book items already!

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4 Responses to Dazzlin’ me, Dazzlin’ – Autumn 2011 New Looks

  1. Lisa says:

    Hmm, I have to agree. I love it all (especially the mini polka dot dresses <3) but it does feel kind of 普通?
    Could have picked it up at H&M (well, H&M in Sweden at least, which seems to have a bit of a different selection from other areas/countries) or Top Shop, or even Forever21, judging by what I saw last week when I went.
    It's not bad, just…as you sai,d could have come from anywhere. Which I suppose is both an advantage and a disadvantage, really. ^^

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Lisa – Totally! I do like it… but if it was in the UK I could see it in Topshop/H&M etc. Maybe it’s the styling?

    I guess that’s the Euro-blogger look they’re going for, but I would have like to see a little more of a Japanese twist on the trends I’ve already seen!

  3. Leanne says:

    Loving the teal that is around now, as well as orange. It’s been a while since I’ve been on your blog, and can I say I love the layout and general feel (as well as the content, obvs)? You’ve really cornered the market and I’m defo spending time tonight checking out your posts from the past few months. Hopefully see you later in the year 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – Oh, I have such a hankering for some teal now! 😉

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m blushing! Hahah! Yes, let me know when you’ll be around in Tokyo again and we’ll have to plan something AWESOME 🙂

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