It’s the end of December, and the end of 2010… but big things are just beginning here at Tokyo Telephone!

(Ceramics at Yoyogi park earth day market; image from the Tokyo Telephone flickr)

F-F-F-Fashion!: Earlier this month we were contacted by the lovely people at Brighton Fashion Week, and we’re very proud to announce that I’ll be blogging weekly for them about British and Japanese fashion. Brighton Fashion Week is fabulous UK fashion event and we’re really excited to add our own flair and give a more international slant. Stay tuned for more developments!

Ticket to Paradise: The lovely Tavuchi, owner of Spank!, was kind enough to feature our post on Spank!, fairy-kei and the Koenji Spank! free market here on her blog. Huge thanks to Tavuchi for the repost – what a charming lady, and an amazing style icon to boot! We’re both really looking forward to catching up next time we’re in Koenji.

Festive Frivolity: In the absence of an advent calendar, we decided to produce our own ‘days of Christmas’ countdown – if you missed any of our special posts you can catch up; one, two, three, fourfive, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve – well worth a look for glow in the dark leather jackets and knitted watches. Yes, we do have a pink tree with Hello Kitty decorations!

Hanging on the Telephone: Samuel updates us with his current looks here, also with a wonderful wintry scene! Ah, the perfect Christmas-y mise-en-scene

Miyake Please: After a trip to London’s Barbican gallery, Rebecca researches Issey Miyake’s groundbreaking A Piece of Cloth collection in this post. The exhibition as a whole is worth taking a look at, but if you’re not in London then take this opportunity to get up close and personal with an incredible feat of fashion engineering.

Eye of the Storm: A perennial male-fashion favourite, Tornado Mart sticks to its guns this winter with studded bags, embroidered shirts and dyed denim jeans. Love it or loath it, Samuel takes a look at this great brand and guides us through this season’s hits and misses.

Endangered Species: Metamorphose Temps de Fille’s latest offering comes under Rebecca’s scrutiny – whatever happened to wa-lolita? What do you think of this much maligned lolita sub-style?

Ring Ring: If you, like us, feel that the world of jewellery is flooded with far too many Chrome Hearts copies for it’s own good, then the jaw-dropping Legio Made will blow you away! We’re always looking to promote fresh talent here at Tokyo Telephone, and boy are we happy to be featuring this brand!

Tea Time: Feeling the need for a cup of tea, a cake and a place to rest your weary feet in Harajuku? We’ve let you in our little secret – Yellow 96 Cafe – one of our favourite cafes and a perfect excuse to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Links and Other Sites: We’re always on the look out for interesting and fabulous blogs & sites to add to our phone book – leave us a comment or drop us a line at hello @ if you’d like to be added to our ever-growing list. Content from Tokyo Telephone is also available on flickrlivejournal and twitter too – if you like what we do, the spread the word with the handy Talking Telephone links at the bottom of each article! We’re also featured on Glam UK‘s fashion channel – a great way to see what’s going on on the rest of the network!

Got any new year’s resolutions? I’m still working on mine, but rest assured we’ll be making the most of Tokyo Telephone in the coming months – Japan Fashion Week, Brighton Fashion Week, and an extra special secret project… I can’t wait!

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