Design Complicity is a bit of a new one for me, not just because this is only the second collection for this fledgeling brand. Another roomsLINK discovery, what first caught my eye was the brilliant umbrella that mimics the look of sunlight through leaves and lends the holder a sun-dappled appearance – one of the best design concepts in the umbrella field!

This strong sense of design, both beauty and utility, is carried through into clothing as well. Feeling almost like product design rather than fashion design, Design Complicity have created a breathtakingly simple style all of their own. However, this is less industrial and more about the clean and clear sense of nature in an urban environment. (Perhaps even a little Ikea?!) Each garment in this collection feels refined, with the bare minimum of fuss and bother and an overall feeling of… completeness, I guess is how I’d have to describe it. Everything feels perfect, each cut and pattern well thought out.

Okay, this may sound a little harsh and utilitarian, but running throughout is a celebration of life and nature. I really like the almost-too-perfect woodgrain used as panels in tunics and shirts, and the large overshirt with leaf pattern on the shoulders, it’s perhaps the most literal interpretation of the theme, but the most satisfying. Design Complicity is exploring the relationship between nature, the city, clothing and Japanese people (sidenote: how great is it to see Japanese models for a change?), and I for one hope it continues as the relationship itself evolves.

I think this is one of my favourite look books of this season; it’s great to see the clothing actually being worn in the environment.

Really love the simplicity of the shirt and the highlights on the denim.

Shirt crush.

How adorable is the female model?! She seems like a perfect match for this collection, right?

Light and airy – great for humid city summer days.

The aforementioned umbrella!

To see more from Design Complicity, including the previous autumn winter 2011 collection (the bi-coloured trenchcoats are great!), then head on over to the homepage – see you there!

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