Just when you thought that Fake Tokyo’s Candy could get no bigger, they announce that they are breaking out their very own clothing line: Dissborn.  Good timing too as the eyes of Japan are very much focused in on Fake Tokyo, mostly thanks to the media storm that surrounded Lady Gaga as she charged through Tokyo clad only in the finest fashion – which is co-incidentally mostly available at Fake Tokyo (If you want to read more about that then definitely check out this article from earlier this week.).  So what can we expect from Candy’s first ever line of clothes?  Well, unlike their sister shop – Sister who produce a great line of tights, they have gone for a complete brand with a couple of full outfits and also a range of shoes produced in collaboration with the UK underground footwear masters – Underground.

The collection is themed around strong prints executed over a range of casual wear and is actually significantly more restrained than you were probably expecting from Candy.  But even so, the key aspect here is that the prints are really recognizable, which is no bad thing as being associated with Candy is one of the coolest clubs to be in right now.

And now the absolute stand out item for me: the Underground shoes:

I think it is really exciting how Underground are re-inventing themselves in the last couple of years from Camden punk to high fashion by working with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler.  Their range for Candy is printed suede with bondage strap details and has to be one of the best designs I have seen from them yet.  It is almost like an evolved creeper, and it definitely fits the Candy aesthetic – progressive, stylish and with an all important edge.

This move has placed Candy on the front line of select shops in Tokyo.  They have already changed the perception of these kind of boutiques in the way they interact with their audience, they have held their guerilla catwalk shows on the streets of Shibuya and now they are blurring the line between shop and designer.  If there is one thing that is certain, it is that this move will now allow them to collaborate closely with the designers that they stock.  We clearly have much to look forward to – it was about time things got properly shaken up.

Watch out for the collection later this year and don’t forget that the Fake sale starts very soon.

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