DISSBORN by Fake Tokyo is starting to look more and more promising now that they are on their second season and actually producing a full wardrobe’s worth of items.  This time they are in tune with fellow Candy favorite Christian Dada and have coincidentally delved deep into the world of bones for their S/S 2012 collection.  Mercifully, DISSBORN seem more interested in bones as a means of containment rather than Dada’s supportive structures, so there is more than enough difference to separate the pair, but on the other hand I can’t help but clock that the two brands would coordinate together pretty effortlessly.

Anyway, aside from the bone prints we also have a satisfying dose of UK punk thrown into the mix, with plenty of bondage straps, damaged denim and great tartan kilts.  Talking of which the tartan kilt is definitely the most interesting item in the collection – it has a zip at the waist for attaching it to other pieces including the waist of jeans and the shoulder of some of the jackets.  I suppose that along with the Common Sleeve project items that Candy also stocks, this kind of cross-item and even cross-brand coordination could well be on the rise and I for one would certainly be happy to see more of it.  It may be a bit of a gimmick, but it adds a nice bit of depth to the collection and often makes what might otherwise be quite a difficult item to coordinate slip into your wardrobe with ease.

I am also very glad that there are plenty of toned down sombre looks this time round, even Candy needs a little bit of subtlety sometimes.

Nice bit of tartan going on there, and continuing their collaboration with Underground shoes, some great custom studded creepers – let Camden come to you!

The aggressively printed fabric still remains the uniform of the Candy / Wut Berlin crowd – obviously best worn as a complete head to toe unified ensemble.

Back into my comfort zone now and I am surprised to hear myself think / type this but – I am really into those socks.

Here you can see the kilt being worn both high and low – personally I am favoring the unconventional placement on the back for S/S.

Well there you go, a collection that would be pretty much cohesive with everything else Fake / Candy might stock.  If you are in the mood to join the gang then pre-orders have just opened up at Fake Tokyo here where you can get your orders in now for next season.

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2 Responses to DISSBORN by Fake Tokyo S/S 2012 Collection – Bones

  1. Really nice high quality prints! Interesting though, VEVEROPPARUUU(ベベロッパル) already designed some very similar shorts. They have the same spikey triangle side along the side, but the prints and textures are totally different. I actually bought for myself at Hayotochiri in Kitakore a couple months ago…I wonder who was first?

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    Very interesting observation! I will do a bit of an investigate and see if there is a link – if not then I will definitely have to feature Veveropparuuu for the sake of balance if nothing else.


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