Divka, a design collective comprised of alumni from both Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion Graduate University (I cannot fully express my desire to attend this dream university…) and London’s Central Saint Martins and a prestigious director, remain somewhat anonymous but in keeping with their collection theme of ‘Preserving the Memories’.

Memories are a good place to start, I always think. Just the other day I was remembering the first time I lived in Japan: I was working in Hyogo prefecture and had gone out for the evening (um, all night) in Osaka towards the end of my stay in the country. It was freezing cold in February and I have an almost painfully clear memory of walking up the station stairs at Namba, from light to dark, watching snowflakes fall and melt in the air.  It was such a simple thing. I don’t know if it’s truly possibly to fall in love with a country, but I think I did. I’m genuinely lucky to have found a real partner in Samuel, someone who knows what it feels like to transplant your life halfway across the world and make yourself an alien on purpose.

Well, okay. I may have a small tiny tear in my eye now. Let’s look at Divka’s beautiful drapes, folds and printings while I just re-touch my make-up and powder my nose…

Gorgeous, isn’t it? The individual items are so richly patterned and folded and ruched and knotted and draped that one alone is a full outfit and together it’s almost too much for the brain to take in at once. Despite presented in quite a slick manner, there’s an organic quality here that I can’t put my finger on – maybe it’s the smudged hand-written prints, the earthy colours… Whatever it is, I’m a huge fan of Divka.

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2 Responses to Divka – Preserving a/w 2011

  1. Tori says:

    The draping on these pieces is amazing & I love the monotone colour palette~ very demonstrative of autumn/winter ♥

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Gorgeous, isn’t it? I might have see if I can get grubby hands on something, haha… 😉


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