However I may feel about their hideous theme song that they insist on piping into their store (second only to Yodobashi Camera in terms of annoyance) there is no denying that Don Quijote is literally the cheapest place to buy almost anything in Japan.  Aimed solidly at a younger audience Don Quijote (simply “Donki” in Japanese) offers a mix of food, fashion, furniture, high brands,  gadgets and cosmetics.  It is probably the only place in the world where you will see real Louis Vuitton bags being sold next to bargain toothpaste.

This is the main Osaka store – my personal favorite – but there are hundreds of these warehouse sized stores scattered throughout Japan and even as far Hawaii.

If you are on a bit of a budget or just don’t mind a bit of messy shopping environment free of the usual formality that Japanese shopping usually implies in order to get a great price then I would recommend a visit to Donki.

One new product that they offer that caught my eye is their Tokyo Covergirl line.  The concept is that everything you see in this mocked up mag cover is yours for 3,890 yen!

Unbelievably cheap!  This is a Sweet Vintage look but they have so many different styles that you can be sure to find or try a new look.

Check it here


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