As part of the seemingly never-ending tide of events that was Fashion Week in Tokyo last month, Tokyo Telephone were lucky enough to be invited along to DressCamp’s fashion exhibition at their flagship store in uber-trendy Aoyama

Like all of DressCamp’s fashion output, there was an undeniable current of luxury and general fabulousness in the air; with models strolling around, soft lighting, gorgeous clothes and bubbly flowing – just what we’ve come to expect from a brand like DressCamp! And of course, there was a lot to love here from menswear covered in stars and stripes to womenswear dripping with lace. It seems that stars were the motif of the season: embroidered on sheer fabric; printed in gold and silver; picked out in tiny jewels; and adorning everything from shoes to backpacks. It’s a star-studded collection that’s sure to win DressCamp many new fans.

(I managed to grab a few shots of a very exciting up-coming collaboration between DressCamp and another Tokyo Telephone favourite, but at this moment in time it’s currently still very top secret! Needless to say that we’ll be uploading those photos and telling you all about it as soon as humanly possible – Samuel is almost ready to explode!)

Kicking off with menswear:

Lovely soft blown-up leopard print – a print that’s not been much in Tokyo this winter for the first time I can remember!

Those DressCamp x Champion tracksuits that are kind of amazing…

… and Samuel taking a look!

Love these shoes! Women’s sizes, please!

I’m kind of in love with this jacket – worthy of a Hollywood star, don’t you think?

A galaxy of stars.

The accessories table – love the hefty belt and bow-ties.

Moving on to womenswear:

Just so beautiful!

Leopard print for women too – this time in a really great non-gaudy pink.

Lace and denim isn’t just for the 1990s anymore!

I think I need an excuse to wear a huge lace skirt and matching denim & lace corset. Supermarket shopping, maybe?

More star-tastic accessories…

Just what every fashionable home needs – DressCamp china. Amazing.

Mr & Mrs DressCamp; the best dressed mannequins in town.

(PS: Stay tuned for more about the super-secret collaboration soon!)

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2 Responses to DressCamp Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Exhibition

  1. Oh goody! I just love that there are stars featured on so many items! I am obsessed with stars…

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Saffron Sugar – me too! I was really impressed with DressCamp’s exhibition, it was wonderful 🙂

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