Tokyo underground brand Dressedundressed continue to prove that they are the ones who will define the face of Tokyo street fashion this Autumn / Winter season.  The look is beyond cool, styling a steely version of femininity that manages to incorporate strong masculine cuts and fistfuls of sub-culture references, but somehow keeps that aforementioned femininity intact.  I suppose what it comes down to is that what you have here is a brand that represents Tokyo at its best, Tokyo being a mess and a right mess at that.  You have the new with the old, the base with the cultured and especially when it comes to fashion the high and the low have never been closer.  So too, as a representation of Tokyo, Dressedundressed walks that same line, flinging in the influences, mixing it together and somehow it just works.  It certainly helps that there is a nice refined feel to the work as well as a tinge of Yohji Yamamoto.

Dressedundressed are stocked (amongst others) in the two empires of progression fashion – Fake Tokyo and Cannabis.  It has to be said that compared to a lot of the other brands that those two select-shops keep, that the collection is positively restrained – no prints, no flashes of colour, no gimmicks, just black on black on black.

It does strike me that this is one of the more androgynous brands out there for women.  Not that is particularly masculine, but rather that the femininity is secondary to the strength of  the ensemble.  In this way the fashion is put first and gender second, not that that does not find a way of in turn highlighting a more-refined sexuality in the process, but what I am getting at here is that this is clearly a brand for women who put the fashion first.

You are definitely going to need something strapped in your wardrobe this coming A/W, and the more versatile the better.

Timeless heavy knitwear is always a shrewd investment and while I do not want to get bogged down in pricing too much, you will probably find this pretty friendly on your wallet compared to many of Dressedundressed peers.

That is all there is to the lookbook I am afraid, like the clothes themselves, the collection is itself concise.  I actually quite like this approach of only putting out enough key items to get your point across without doing a hundred different versions of each design – it speaks of simplicity, confidence and a single concise vision.  Personally I am in love with this “lens” that focuses all that is good in Tokyo fashion into one clear brand and I am going to thoroughly endorse Rebecca’s evident desire to clad herself in this head to toe this winter.

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