For their spring/summer 2011 collection, I’m very happy to report that Dressedundressed have stuck to producing everything in black. Black is the new black? Samuel and I most definitely agree! We’ve created style for ourselves almost entirely in black – I think it’s a joint shift in both our tastes  (we live and work together, so it’s no wonder we end up fawning over the same things) towards a darker and more adult aesthetic. Aaages ago back in June, I wrote here about the cool kids on the streets on Tokyo taking to wearing all-black outfits in the height of summer. Long the unofficial uniform of many a fashion fan, from leather biker jackets to stiletto heels, black has always been and will always be cool.

I love the simplicity and elegance of Dressedundressed understated chic designs. Although I am pathologically drawn to all things shiny, sparkly and generally over-the-top, it’s collections like these that are as rare and necessary as a cold drink of water on a hot day. White and citrus are two colours trends that are set to be big for the upcoming season – but I’d rather stick to black!

The aforementioned simplicity of design reminds me of the timeless quality of 1960s style – shift dressed, mini skirts and clean lines all round. If the fashion of the 1960s was about empowering women through allowing them to embrace their sexuality through clothes, then surely modern Japanese street fashion with it’s unisex appeal allows both men and women a more free form of expression through the fluidity of modern ‘naughties’-era gender.

Even though Dressedundressed are markedly different to 60’s style pioneers such as Mary Quant and Barbara Hulanicki of Biba (my mother sold her bicycle in order to get a pair of Biba boots!), there’s a quality there that I just can’t put my finger on…

Simply stunning.

Dressedundressed homepage

Dressedundressed is stocked at Cannabis; [geo_mashup_show_on_map_link]

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