Emily Temple Cute is one of my all-time favourite lolita fashion brands – anyone who can produce a bacon & eggs print dress with a straight face is a-ok in my book – so it’s with great joy that today I’m featuring Emily Temple Lulu; Emikyuu’s kids’ brand:

I have utterly no maternal instinct, but it’s so cute! Teddy bear bags, playing card print cardigans, colourful boots… I love how Lulu has taken Cute’s themes and colour palettes and created an accessible line of children’s wear for the modern mother.

Accessible in theme, but perhaps not in price? The average price seems to be around Y9,000 – making these at the higher priced end of children’s clothing. Yes, you are getting quality well designed items, yet how realistic is it to spend what is actually a sizeable chunk of cash on something the child in question will grow out of sooner rather than later. I’m worried I’m coming off as bitter here, but I think it’s because I’m seething with jealousy that I never had clothes like this when I was tiddly! Having said that, I was always covered in paint or up a tree, so it wouldn’t have been remotely practical! Best to save the nice stuff for special occasions. Sidenote: I was totally rocking the leggings/Dr Martens/over-size t-shirt look for the majority of my childhood, and now it’s back in fashion! Looks like I’m two decades ahead of the trends

The past few years in Japan have seen an upsurge in fashionable mothers – once upon a time, wives and mothers were as sexy and stylish as a faded rug. Now thanks in part to style icon gyaru mamas like Tsubasa Masuwaka and Rumi Itabashi (massive girlcrush!), society has deemed it acceptable to be both fashionable and a mother. And of course, you’ve got to have the kids looking their best too! Hopefully we’ll see this trend continue to affect women – the clothing available for middle aged women is shockingly dull – Reiko Ide, model for Blenda magazine is a fabulous and fashionable 32; such a inspiration!



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