Have you ever wanted to dress like one of those blogger fashionistas that are all over the internet? Well, now you can, thanks to Emoda! This latest collection has been inspired by, yes, bloggers, and nicely continues Emoda’s feminine chic style that’s so popular here in Tokyo. I do think it’s quite interesting that this is a blogger-inspired season concept: non-Japanese bloggers are far more well-known in Japan than native ones (a subject for another time!), and seeing as this is what blog-followers are supposed to wearing… I might have hoped for a little more boundary pushing, but this is actually a pretty solid collection, and I should really remember that not everywhere is as accepting as Tokyo.

I think I’ll have to dust off my dictionary and thesaurus to add to words such as glitzy, gaudy, showy and ostentatious, and that’s just for the shirt collars! I’m happy to see the shirt trend continuing all through this winter, as it’s pretty much what I live in, along with a good dose of UniQlo’s heattech. The aforementioned shirts paired with cropped jumpers is a look that’s being pushed really hard for this season, and it compliments the skintight trousers and high heels that Emoda fans love. Black is the main colour in almost all outfits, and I’m more than happy to say goodbye to beige! Contrasted with blue, teal and red it makes for a striking look. It’s kind of funny that much of this imagery is purportedly based on the kind of women who sit in the fron rows at fashion shows, as in my experience, it’s the plainly dressed older ladies that have the real power!

We’re lucky enough to be heading off to the next season Mark Styler catwalk shows on Friday, and of course we’ll be sure to return with plenty of lovely images and ideas of what’s in store for next spring summer. It’s a proactive move to show the SS 2013 collections now, as it takes the Mark Styler in line with the brands showcasing during Fashion Week. You might be able to surmise from this that there’s an eye on larger-scale international sales – this is pretty close to the Topshop business model – but the idea of a Japanese brand selling abroad is always a complicated one. As well as import tax and shipping, language and cultural barriers, there’s also the issue of sizing: not such a problem in East Asia, but certainly a concern for many outside this region. Japanese sizing is usually either small or medium (with the small more like a Western extra small, and the medium a small), or free size, which is often not really that free. I do consider myself rather lucky to fit most clothes, but I do run into difficulties with leg and sleeve length as I’m well above the average Japanese height (and a bit too much delicious Korean barbecue recently, ho hum…). This compounds the issue of Japanese brands remaining in Japan only, and it’s one that both parties will have to work hard to resolve.

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2 Responses to Emoda AW 2012 Runway

  1. Aubree says:

    I love that the whole collection is inspired by bloggers! So awesome 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the photos. And i would love if some Japanese brands would start selling internationally. I live in the US and love Japanese fashion, but it’s just so hard to buy here 🙁

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Aubree – Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m glad you likes Emoda!

    We’ve been working with more designers and buyers lately, so it’s something that everyone is thinking about, although there are some difficulties! Keep your fingers crossed…

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