I really really think that the word to describe the whole of this year’s output of vaguely mainstream Japanese fashion is… retro. Vintage shops have been growing in popularity steadily, there’s been a ‘neo-retro’ boom (clothes that look old but are new), we saw girly retro styles this summer, and it seems that this winter hasn’t managed to freeze out retro either! Emoda‘s latest collection is no exception; taking cues from ’60s and ’70s designs that have also been a huge influence on international designers and fashion creatives, it’s retro… but a bit different.

Emoda’s catwalk show was pretty much the A to Z of next season’s trends, some of which I’ve talked about before. As a brand that shares much of its input and indeed output with fellow Mark-Styler label Murua, it’s no surprise that there’s a little crossover here. But while Murua explores a more high-end and slightly more experimental aesthetic, Emoda has gone for classic mode this season. There’s masculine elements, printed tights, a beautiful statement coat, orange and umber and red, lashing of black and white, pearls, leopard print, and even our perennial favourite the furry hat makes a come-back. Lovely stuff, and all well and good. But what makes this collection special? I have to say that this season has been a bit of a grower on me; at first I wasn’t convinced by the lack of flair, but while these image have been sitting on my desktop waiting for the Tokyo Telephone treatment, I’ve found myself coming back to them and discovering depth in the details…

Dalmatian again? I really like the mix of prints here, subtle but very hard to do well.

Probably the most comfortable looking outfit! I can’t not use the word ‘slouch’ here. Love the large knit, pearl collar and general louche chicness of it all.

I can’t decide what I like best: hat, coat, tights, shoes?

The layered top and long necklace feels very… retro. Ha!

Mmm, black. Love the rosebud tights! Stunning with red lipstick, maybe some dangerously high heels too?

What an amazing jacket! I love the colours, and it looks fab with the lazer-cut/printed trousers. I have been known to enjoy a high-waisted trouser myself!

Leopard; the ol’ faithful print.

Looking almost spring-like! Might be fun to play around with knotted hems, right?

Ah, it wouldn’t be mode without a puffy skirt!

Darling little cloche hat!

A proper ’70s cardi! Raid your nan’s wardrobes now!

Really lovely look, the red shoes are amazing with the slightly cropped trousers – very swinging ’60s!

‘Emoda’ in a whole outfit! Not sure that the trews would work on my massive calves, but that’s a pretty brilliant coat!

Tres European to my eye…

And some classic mode styling for winter. Nice one.

See more at the Emoda homepage and buy online at the Runway Channel webstore.

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2 Responses to Emoda – It’s a Retro Winter for 2011

  1. Leanne says:

    I really do like quite a few things I see here…the ornage fur hat, the gothy black stuff, the multi-ruffled tops, jackets and skirts. I do like the mix of spots, dots and check/tartan in the top outfit too – tricky, as you say, but satisfying in its complexity, especially with the splashes of red 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – Even though I’m a huge fan of Murua, Emoda’s clothes always look really fantastic in person! The styling was spot on this season, a huge thumbs up from me 😉

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