After my somewhat delirious dribbling over Murua’s spring summer 2011 collection just last week, I thought that it would be fitting to carry on discussing the upcoming season’s trends by taking at look at Murua’s fellow mode gyaru brand Emoda.

Although Murua & Emoda are under the same company umbrella (including Dazzlin, Lauguna Moon & Han Anh Soon – look out for collection reviews in the near future…) and both fall under the mode gyaru category, it’s refreshing to see that there’s a different enough take on common trends to truly separate the two brands from each other. Similarities included the use of sheer fabrics (I’m still jumping for joy about this) and a black & white colour scheme that came to differentiate part of the collection from the overwhelming presence of floral patterns. Florals are huge every year, but I get the sense this time around that there’s a much more mature feel to the styling – larger prints, darker colours and a less youthful feel to the accessories and coordinates overall. I loved the use of clashing prints together, there was a pleasant discord to those outfits, and it’s interesting to note that the autumn/winter 2011 collection from fellow Japanese uber-fashion brand Comme des Garcons also featured some pattern clashing coordinates too.

Continue on for more flowers than you can shake a stick at…

Love the hair, the skirt and the sheer stocking with ankle socks. This feels more autumnal than spring-like, but I’m not complaining!

That’s one huge tassel! I really like the flowing trousers paired with sharper blouse

Interesting combination of bright sheer floral trousers with black lace top

Although I’m not a huge fan of the stockings, the print dress is stunning, and really shows off the darker floral theme that categorises this collection

Clashing prints and wonderful shoes… I love the shape of the peplum-top

Three florals in one! All with a dark base too (are those see-through shoes?)

Such a cute hat and belt, and a slight nautical feel too with the navy shorts and gold tassel details

Sheer blouse and knot-front bodycon skirt – great to see that mode still loves the balance of loose and tight – and more beautiful baroque stockings

Black leather – yes please!

My picks from this outfit are the waistcoat and ankle socks – nerd mode?

Polka dots have popped up in a few other collections, and look fab with the long-length sheer blouse and shoes too

As a huge fan of all things mode and black (I’m sure our readers are all now well-aware!), so there was much for me to love about this collection. Highlights on a personal level were the printed stockings and layered ankle socks, large amounts of sheer fabrics and the darker floral palette that I think will set this collection apart from the standard fashion faire. I loved the bright hair and coral lipstick paired with black and white, I think it’s a really strong colour combination and we’ve already seen touches of this with Dollywink’s famous ‘carrot orange’ blusher.

It’s great to see a gyaru brand like Emoda breaking out of the stereotypical gal image and taking some colour risks like the aforementioned coral lipstick. A large part of what I love about gyaru is the fierceness and fearless approach to fashion – make it yours and have fun with it!

See more from Emoda at the homepage


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4 Responses to Emoda (or adome, or a mode)

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  3. Tori says:

    After seeing this, I still love MURUA better, though I think EMODA’s pieces are slightly more ‘wearable’ if that makes any sense XD Standouts for me are those high-waisted leather shorts & purple floral skinny pants ♥

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I know what you mean! There’s something quite couture about a lot of Murua’s pieces this season – my acid test for clothes is considering if I could wear them to the supermarket, haha! 😉

    I love the purple floral trousers too! I’m sure you’d look amazing in them as well!


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