In the last days of 2011, what better than to look ahead to what Tokyo’s uber-fashionable mode-gals will be wearing next year? I think it’s high time we had a little inspiration for the warmer weather, and if Emoda‘s dark and delightful latest looks are anything to go by then I’ll be one happy girl next year!

I think it’s really interesting that even now, with winter fashion still in full force in Tokyo and swathes of beige and brown everywhere, the mode brands have managed to carve out their own little niche and have surrounded themselves in black and lace and chunky jewellery while other clothing brands with similar audiences have taken ‘retro girly’ to the absolute limit. Of course, I’m totally unashamed about always dressing black, and I do love a bit of high fashion, so it’s perhaps more than understandable that I’ll usually come down on the side of the mode brands that are more to my own personal taste.

So what does Emoda have in store for us next year? Well, it’s going to be a glamorous and decadent season by all accounts! While Emoda may not have gone to the extreme styling lengths of Dazzlin, but every look could be worn straight off the catwalk and onto the street – not to be underestimated. The turban (or urban turban, for those like me who love rubbish rhymes) has been a key look in mode style and is set to continue into next year, as will the decorated spare collar, sheer fabric and traditional mode-style silhouette of tight trousers and loose top. Okay, nothing new in that selection, by why mess with what’s actually quite a refreshing look?

What is new for spring/summer are sheer fishtail-esque skirt trains, dark turquoise shades and double knit outfits that remind me of Yohan Ku’s amazing knitwear from fashion week in October. Make-up appears to be quite natural, with a strong cat-eye flick of eyeliner as a nod to the vintage glamour styles that have so influenced the mode brands.

While it would be easy to say that this isn’t Emoda’s strongest collection in terms of brand individuality, it certainly builds on the existing look, and I must say that whenever I pop into the store and see the clothes in person, and on the darling shop staff, I always come away impressed and inspired.

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6 Responses to Emoda Spring Summer 2012 Collection

  1. brad-t says:

    It’s crazy how clearly influenced this collection is by the recent Anna Sui collection. Not a knock on it at all — it’s great — but it’s striking how much more influence AS has there compared to Western collections.

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ brad-t – I just checked out Sui’s latest, and I have to agree! I think it’s the whole kind of grown-up girly elegance vibe that both collections have. I’m not sure I’ll be going for the turban myself though! 😉

  3. Tori says:

    I love the bits of metallic on the shirt + print trousers look in the third row from the bottom ♥ While I agree with you that this isn’t the most inspiring collection, it still does have a few standout pieces.

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Oh, exactly! I think Emoda really stands up to scrutiny in store very well, and the shop staff always look amazing – I’m really looking forward to seeing how they style this collection themselves.

  5. Charlotte says:

    These trousers… yes. Just yes.

  6. Rebecca says:

    @ Charlotte – They would look amazing on my favourite robo-girl! 😉

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