I can’t be the only one who says ‘Emoda’ in a hilarious Coronation Street (UK soap opera) style accent, can I? Oh.

I clicked with Emoda’s new collection as soon as I saw it; I’m really enjoying the advent of mode gyaru style and how well it not only appeals to my age-bracket but also fits seamlessly in to my current wardrobe! Hurrah! I’m totally biased towards mode; there’s a healthy helping of black this winter, it’s influenced by couture trends, and it’s often coordinated as tight-fitting bottoms (bandage skirts & skin-tight jeans) with looser voluminous tops – of course, this is just one aspect of mode’s glamourous image! Oh, mode… you’ve stolen my heart.

There was so much from Emoda to choose from, I wish I could have included more but I only have 500×600 pixels to play with – you’ll have to trust me about the rest! Anyway, my top picks: the distressed black jeans on the right with lace behind the holes (were it not for my ever-growing rear, I would be all over those like… bees on honey. Or fake eyelashes on gyaru?), the sheer leopard print skirt, really great shoe designs, monochrome base colours and just right amount of colour with printed scarves that can be tied as headbands, around the waist or even the wrist.

Simple, tight-fitting, glamourous. Good work, Emoda!

Find Emoda:

7th floor 109, Shibuya, Tokyo

1st basement floor, Lumine Est, Shinjuku, Tokyo

3rd floor, OPA, Shinsaibashi, Osaka



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