Expect to hear this name an awful lot this rapidly approaching Japan Fashion Week – Etw.Vonneguet – without a doubt one of the most forward thinking designers in the Japanese Fashion scene.  This time the Designer Olga has taken the decision to hold open auditions for the models for her upcoming A/W 2011 collection {symbolic} and given the coverage this has given the brand, has played an absolute blinder.  You see, Japanese fashion shows tend not to be all that inclusive, devoid of the usual mass of hangers-on that populated last week’s London Fashion Week (which Rebecca and I enjoyed enormously), so it is exciting to see someone engaging with their public so directly.  Last JFW Etw. Vonneguet held their show at the monstrously cool FAKE Gallery above Candy, but this time LaForet is the location and I personally cannot wait to see how they top their S/S collection presentation.

Continue reading for a good look at this ever-expanding, multi-talented brand who is surely destined to make an impact this year .

S/S 2011 Source of Light – was a breathy close installation/presentation that saw models flitting between ghostly veils – you can get a feel of it on the video that accompanied the presentation.

Pieces were generally split by sex, but there was an awful lot of uni-sex items in there.

High heels on the men gave a slightly stilted stance that aided the whole ghostly atmosphere of the presentation.

Absolutely stunning colour-play here which just jumped out over the whites that Etw.Vonneguet usually employs.

The show definitely felt more like an art installation, but was all the more absorbing for it.  I find that often stomping down a runway is not the best means of presentation for the more delicate brands.

And delicate is the one word that stuck with me from this showing, especially coupled with the fragility of the broken glass head pieces the models were wearing.

Scent is also a big part of the Etw.Vonneguet experience, with each collection having a fragrance to accompany it.

This was the previous collection as paraded through the streets of Tokyo.

And infront of Laforet where the next collection will be held.  Cannot wait, you just know that there is going to be a surprise or two in store.

Etw.Vonneguet is also renowned for being a very tech-savvy creator, with an iphone app (-ish) and using 3D renders for drape design as well as virtual catwalks.

For a slightly more “real” look at the clothes you can always head on over to Xanadu which remains their best stockist to date.

Outside of the shows the clothes can be very wearable, but never pedestrian.

The other big pice of news from the Etw.Vonneguet camp has been the collaboration with the singer Salyu to create her wardrobe for her most recent shows.

Absolutely beautiful all round, and you can see more (and hear more) from the lady herself here.

I hope you can see what a talented designer Olga is, her work is always strong, but with an inherent fragility to it.  Add to that the forward thinking technological and social aspect to Etw.Vonneguet and I think we can all agree this is one to watch this Japan Fashion Week, see you there…

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