Etw. Vonneguet was as contrary as ever last Tokyo Fashion Week, holding her show in a Shinjuku restaurant near Bunka university of all places and dissolving her clothes live on the catwalk in the gripping finale.  It was all reference to the transitory nature of fashion, but in the context of Etw. Vonneguet’s ethereal work was a welcome invitation into her dream-like world.  It is a rare ability that the Japanese designer – Olga – has to make a point imbued with punk spirit in an entirely elegant and beautiful way, and it is certainly one of the reasons that the shows are consistently a highlight of Fashion Week.

The melting in process.

This time the collection was looking unbelievably light and airy courtesy of some stunning hand-dyed silks that formed the core of the line-up, but kept closer to the street level elsewhere by mixing flashes of electric primary colours with more mature earthy tones.  Likewise louche draped dresses and sarouel trousers were balanced with strong tailored elements that were best implemented as structural beams for framing Etw. Vonneguet’s utopian prints.

The shirts are always a highlight for me, and this time Etw. Vonneguet had pushed the design further towards a futuristic tuxedo with a tight triangular collar you could cut yourself on.

At the less dramatic end of the spectrum their were plenty of light and louche outfits that are very accesible and easy to incorporate into an existing wardrobe.

Here you can see the great “melt” effect on the inner layers that creates a crumpled gathering point which breaks up the silhouette beautifully.

These two looks are probably my favorites from the collection,  at one strong and classic, but with sensitively integrated colour perfect for spring/summer.

For a better look at individual items from the line-up I thought we would turn to the look-book, enjoy:

For more on the wonderful world of Etw. Vonneguet you will want to go to the official homepage here where you can also see details of her modeling auditions for her next catwalk show in March.  For those who don’t know the models are all selected from fans who embody a certain aspet of the Etw. Vonneguet aesthetic, so if you feel you do, then why not enter?

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