This is not the first time that Evangelion has been given a fashion salute here on Tokyo Telephone, far from it actually, Evangelion has long entered the realms of the iconic and we will be no doubt indulged with an onslaught of collaborations for many decades to come.  The interesting thing about Eva is that while the majority of people who actually buy the merchandise in droves are men in their early 20s it is not a majority as overwhelming as the lions share of anime or manga collaborations.  I suppose that Eva is a series less gendered than most, but it is also probably because they have actually found some quite cool items to create, and even dare I say it, fashionable ones.  Certainly the No, No, Yes! leather jackets were beyond cool to say the least, and despite the current one with JINS not quite being on that level, it is actually pretty credible.

This time the project was to imagine some new glasses for the popular Eva characters and have them produced by JINS.  Add to that the usual free gifts you would expect with any anime tie-in and a very low price point (5000 yen) and these have been a huge hit by all accounts.  Continue reading for the original artwork and the glasses in question along with the best of the Evangelion fashion collaborations that have gone show, as Mikio Sakabe has, that this kind of imagery need not be restricted to Cosplay.

Thanks to the glasses being designed by character it has allowed us to have a nice little character ranking based on initial sales and pre-orders.  And enjoy the original artwork (give them a moment and these clothes will probably be available to buy…)

In at number one, the ever so cool Kaworu and his very wearable glasses

Then Shinji

Asuka with a fairly unisex model (I guess the male buyers have skewed the stats over character popularity)

At 4th place someone who actually wears glasses in the anime!

And finally, poor Rei.  As if she did not have enough to deal with.

A sample of the actual glasses:

They all come in a bevy of colours and you can see them all here and I am sure a shopping service can help you out if you simply have to own a pair.

But it was while I was looking at these glasses that I came across a whole galaxy of other collaborations which I have whittled down to the following selection:

Now these are actual copies of glasses from the anime (and much more expensive) these are probably into the realms of cosplay as they are literal copies rather than inspirations.  As are these:

Right down to Misato’s actual case.  Impressive but definitely cosplay.

But this dress and leggings is pretty damn cool if you ask me (maybe not worn at the same time)

As is this discretely branded top

These are by Chaski and are only Evangelion by colour scheme, but it just goes to show how iconic even the colours have become.

And men have not been forgotten either (although their items are a little more obvious, but also more wearable)

You could sneak this scarf into pretty much any smart outfit – perfect for the suited man

And I had to post the following, although it does defy belief:

Yes, those are wet-suits with price tags to match!

With the exception of the latter one I think that all of the above go to show what a good anime collaboration can be.  It does not have to be something you feverishly keep in mint condition and hidden from judging eyes.  Actually in this case it can be a way of showing appreciation for the visual stylings of a great show without resorting to literal imagery straight from the series.  This is a big part of the Neo Cosplay movement and thanks to designers like Mikio Sakabe and Junya Suzuki it might well go far in the fashion world.

I will leave it there for now, but rest assured this is a topic I want to give focused coverage to at a later date.  If you are after any of the pieces covered here or want to browse the huge amount on offer, head on over to Radio Eva which is a great portal to the fashion x Eva world.

PS.  There is a One Piece glasses project as well…

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5 Responses to Evangelion x JINS – Beyond Cosplay

  1. Sarah says:

    The Chaski one appears to have a very small embroidery of Asuka’s doll from the movies…

    I picked up one of the plugsuit print dresses from JSG last year (Ayanami’s) and I freakin’ love it. I would have bought all of them if they weren’t a little too pricey. My friend bought Asuka’s at the same time, and on her, it was totally different than me (since she is all “va-va-voom” and I am not even “va”, LOL)

    I tweeted a photo of me wearing the dress @ you~

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I am glad to see someone actually wearing it, and don’t worry you have plenty of va!

    And well done on spotting the embroidery, you definitely win Eva fan of the day 🙂


  3. Tori says:

    omfg this post just totally made my day, hahaha! ♥ I feel like I need that dress in my life~

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @Tori – I think you will find that you do!

    It is great to find ways of combining fashion and anime/manga without ending up in Cosplay. There is a great “ouvre” of imagery going to waste on figures and other bumf.


  5. […] a prime example of this who join the supreme No, No Yes! in bringing Evangelion to fashion (more here), mainly in their stunning all leather […]

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