I’m pretty sure that the last time I talked about Everlasting Sprout I made some kind of joke about how horrible an actual everlasting brussels sprout would be. I’m still kind of horrified by the idea, but don’t let my brassica preferences put you off a very great fashion collection.

Although almost the polar opposite from my own personal taste in clothes (today I’ve borrowed a skirt from Samuel!), there’s nonetheless something I find incredibly appealing about Everlasting Sprout. I think it’s the same touch of whimsy that makes me stop and stare at mori girls and dolly-kei fashionistas – something slightly organic perhaps? I must confess that I’m not really a nature-friendly person – I’m happiest in cities, and don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving the rain forests just as long as I don’t have to go near it – so maybe I’m trying to make up for a quality that I’m lacking in myself? Ha! Anyway, regardless of how many trees I’ve personally chopped down (none), let’s crack on…

I find the blocking here really interesting…

Printed tights! Not the first time we’ve seen these for this winter!

I love the textures and shades, so flattering. Huge scarf as belt; ticking that box!

Eee, a little swing coat! So cute with the bowl cut and knitted drawers.

Digging the navy blue knee-highs. And that’s not something I thought I’d ever say.

Ah, I’m dreaming of beautifully soft draped cardigans…

Something to inspire mori girls, maybe?

Love the coat – reminds me of those bottles of coloured sand that people used to bring home from holidays in the 1990s. But like, better, and a coat.

Something a little darker, perhaps? I’ve seen the skirt & belt trick for the past couple of autumns in Tokyo, but usually with much wider scarves – surprisingly cosy in case you’re wondering!

Chuck it on and you’re good to go – that’s my kind of laid-back approach to clothes at the moment!

I would be so tempted to add two brooches for eyes. Just me? Oh well… take a look at the anklets then!

Something beautiful to finish with.

I’m always a little surprised by Everlasting Sprout – but always in the most pleasant way!

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