I’ve written about Everlasting Sprout before, and it seems that I’m inching ever so slightly towards this aesthetic in my daily dress, so what better chance to take a look at the upcoming autumn winter 2012 collection? Everlasting Sprout is one of those brands that despite really liking, I’m slightly ashamed to say I don’t actually own anything by them – although, living in Tokyo and being surround by top-quality fashion and designers, if I bought even just one item from every brand I like I think I’d be totally bankrupt within the week! I’ll just have to content myself to gazing at these on-screen images for now.

This collection from Everlasting Sprout is a great example of their signature style: a bit flowery, a bit retro and some lovely subtle colours. Er, and really nice clothes. There’s something quite feminine about this season’s looks, while not being overly simpering or that kind of ghastly retro that demands baking and repressed 1950s values. I really like the matching patterns in selected outfits – I saw an older lady recently in a rather loudly patterned matching suit and kind of wanted to give her a high-five (or maybe just start a ‘cool elderly people of Tokyo’ street snap blog… now there’s an idea!), so now of course I’m hankering after matching prints.

I’m always greatly impressed by Everlasting Sprout’s styling: it’s fun and quirky, and most often quite¬†achievable even by such inherently unstylish people such as your writer. This season sees flowered hats and amazing blooms floating above models heads – okay, maybe not for the average person – but also some cracking ankle socks/mary jane shoes combinations and orange eyeshadow. Both of these are huge street trends right now (flesh-coloured tights with tattoo stye designs worn with frilly ankle socks is incredibly popular right now, as is orange used either over the eyes or in circles high on the cheeks), so it’s great to see Everlasting Sprout adapting these trends to suit their own looks.

Raindrop socks and shows with pompoms – yes, please!

I think everything on the right is just perfect.

Amazing 3D element to the over-knee socks on the left!

Quintessential casual and quirky Tokyo chic.

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2 Responses to Everlasting Sprout – My Secret Flowers

  1. Laura says:

    Love the yellow OTK socks! But most striking in this post is the makeup. Kinda wanna try that bright orange/red on the eyes now, haha!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awesome collection, just saw Everlasting Sprout for the first time on NHK World. I love his knitting aesthetic and mindset.

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