I think I have to admit the first word to come out of my mouth when I saw this collection by Everlasting Sprout was a rather strangulated cuuute!, and I haven’t revised this well thought-out opinion since then. Spring and summer 2012 for Everlasting Sprout is cute! End of. Okay, maybe I have some more to say…

I think they’ve done very well to capture a certain kind of Japanese cuteness that is quite popular at the moment in Japanese fashion, yet there’s a lovely little twist on it too. There is a little of the faux-retro look here in the pastel tones and bibed dresses, but it’s been offset quite awkwardly with Everlasting Sprout’s wonderful geek-chic touches: the messy curly hair, the oversize glasses and ankle socks. It’s a look that feels both genuinely Japanese and current, not a small achievement in the world of fashion.

Loose layers that are perfect for humid Tokyo summers.

More layering – I’m really into oversize outer layers this winter so it’s great to have a little summer inspiration too.

Squares on the belt, stripes on the skirt and circles on the socks. Clashing patterns takes way more confidence than I have.

I really like the combination of shirt-dress and ankle socks with mega heels.

Two fantastic outfits!

The crochet on the right kinda reminds me of some Comme des Garcons jumpers that I saw recently in store – it was all about being hand-made with time and love, and actually made me think of the crochet blankets my grandmother made, for the first time in about ten years.

Love the yellow cardigan with black and white polka dots. Such a great combination.

Little lace pockets – how sweet!

Can I just once and for all declare that I’m really digging the ankle socks? May even have to invest in a pair to keep my ankles warm!

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2 Responses to Everlasting Sprout spring summer 2012 Collection

  1. Laura says:

    I hate the retro!bloggerstyle!collars! trend, but Everlasting Sprout actually puts their OWN spin on it rather cleverly (slightly biased but not really haha). I mean, the inner lining of the folded-up pants are printed! Now THAT is putting thought into it.

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – I’m just kind of bored of this whole faux-retro thing now, and I’m so glad that Everlasting Sprout are taking it in a different direction… but of course I’m a little biased, haha 😉

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