So my GCSE in French didn’t actually take me very far in life, mostly seeing as I ran to the fashion heaven that is Japan as soon as I got the chance (take that, high school French teacher, with your horrible Girl Scout-esque jumpers and pleated skirts and thick socks!). Perhaps if I were a French teacher myself I’d not only be able to come up with more accurate post titles, but also wear something a little more chic – Excentrique chic? – but perhaps it’s like an awful French teacher uniform, woollen jumpers are a must-have dans la salle de classe.

Excentrique’s latest spring 2011 collection is titled ‘The Cathedral’, and more than lives up to its majestic aspirations. Less literal than Moi-meme-Moitie’s cathedral-themed offerings, Excentrique manage to capture the beauty and majesty of cathedrals in all their religious, and somewhat medieval, glory. There’s a simplicity to many items that leaves one thinking about lost souls who might flock to a cathedral for shelter or solace, and this is reflected in the loose A-line shapes that lend a gothic edge to what could easily become mori – monasteries long-ago tumbled down and laying half submerged in moss. Add to this mental image a healthy dose of Edwardian style, and it’s safe to say that Excentrique are on to a real winner yet again…

Flying the flag for Excentrique…


Excentrique at their best – stunning corsetry.

If I was a ghost, I would be up for wearing this for eternity!

Such a stunningly simple shirt-dress – love it paired with the hat and boots for a neo-Victorian feel.

It’s so literally gothic. I love it!

A more obvious cathedral influence, in a gorgeous colour too.

The most fashionable exorcist around town!

A school-like feeling? Or is it just the naval influence?

The new sailor check style!

A subtle cathedral print here, with beautifully contrasting white cuffs.

I’ve got time for Excentrique any day!

See more from Excentrique at their homepage


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