My love affair with vaguely antique-looking clothing started long ago, and I can fondly remember dribbling over the very idea of anything even remotely as gorgeous as Exentrique’s autumn/winter collection. Behold the glory:

Sidenote: totally getting a Vivienne Westwood vibe from the hair! A crafty homage perhaps?

Exentrique first came to my attention way back when the Gothic & Lolita Bibles were, literally, my bibles and main source of Japanese fashion knowledge. My tastes have broadened since then (every magazine from Alice Deco a la Mode to Vivi can be found on my bookshelf!), but nothing makes me smile like remembering how treasured those huge glossy magazines were – import tax is crippling, especially at 15 years old! I loved then about Exentrique what I love about them now – quality, corsets and design.

I have a long-standing obsession with velvet, so I was very biased in picking images from their current collection to feature here! To me velvet is gothic, winter, and feels a bit like the back of our cat’s legs. I could quite happily sit there all day and stroke my black velvet leggings – Noah the cat feels very left out!

The joy of velvety texture aside for one minute, Exentrique’s latest offerings were right up my street – I fell for the little leather waist cincher paired with the white blouse, the long teal cape & beret, the bell-boy style black suit with piping detail and of course the amazing tartan skirt & cape coordinate… I wish I could wear this particular outfit while riding a horse through a misty forest, probably in Scotland. Nice.

Find Exentrique:

5th floor OIOI one, Shinjuku, Tokyo


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