I was just about to type that my love for Candy has been well documented here – but that, dear readers, is a lie. A dirty horrible shame-faced lie. The trouble is, every time I come face to face/laptop screen with Candy, all I can do is coo softly as the power of speech evades me. Even when I was actually inside, all I could do was shuffle awkwardly around the shop, touching the clothes gently and trying not to make eye-contact with the staff (they might ask me things, and my Japanese isn’t great, especially when I’m overwhelmed – drunk on the other hand…). Confession: I even got a little bit jittery when Candy added us back on twitter. The thought occurs that they might be reading this right now… My palms are sweating. Um, fashionably so.

Click through for a gorgeous load of coordinates styles by Candy, and not too much blubbering from me —>

I really love the Candy staff’s use of new designer and vintage items – plenty of inspiration!

More treats at the Candy homepage


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