It has only been one year since Fake was founded in Shibuya, encompassing the gallery space, Sister and the beyond cool institution that Candy has become.  Back then you could be forgiven for thinking that it was going to be just another achingly cool select shop, but it quickly became something very different and the buzz never died down – no, it kept going till it became the soundtrack to the Tokyo fashion scene.

Personally I put it down to the ethos of Candy which had previously been an isolated island of cutting edge fashion back in Shinjuku 2 Chome circa 2006.  It kept true to its origins, but gave itself a wider audience right in the heart of mainstream street fashion in Shibuya.  From that point shoppers at H&M, 109 and the gang could trip over it on their way to Loft, it offered an inclusive atmosphere, it stocked affordable vintage next to the avant garde and it even had a great internet presence (previously and presently very rare indeed).  In short it realised one important thing – in order to spread its message it had to go direct to the fast fashion hub and shove it right in the consumer’s faces.  They did and it worked, turning on a whole new crowd to the world of edgy fashion and even other obscure select shops.  Since then they gave breaks to fashion graduates like Kazushihara, stocked Kill Toy next to Gareth Pugh and made Shibuya Celebrities of their models/shop staff.

To celebrate that year they are launching Fake Tokyo to unite the forces of the aforementioned Candy and the distinctly classy Sister alongside launching a Charity Shop involving Ambush, Mikio Sakabe and Akira Naka amongst others to support the Japanese Red Cross.  At this time of adversity, I am so glad that they are going ahead with their launch and they even have found time to complete the Candy S/S 2011 styling which I could not resist sharing with you all here.

Continue reading for more styling with more delicious eye Candy courtesy of Christian Dada, Yuima Nakazato, Ambush, Gerlan Jeans and many many more.

This is the Eerie Indiana x Candy collaboration spider print and finished with vintage studded boots.

Ambush jewelry next to Naoshi Sawayanagi.

Great Komakino tsunagi – very much approve.

Phenomenon has been another key brand with Candy right from the start and they can always be relied upon to do something original with the styling.

Christian Dada here, a Tokyo Telephone favorite.

House of Flora mixed with the surprisingly classy Gerlan Jeans.

Fanny and Gessy made all the more glam with Kazushihara.

Love this Gerlan Jeans print, feminine yet edgy.

Balmung doing fractal wonders here which for the record is also being stocked in Primative London this year.

Kill Toy ear muffs – yes please!

And a complete Yuima Nakazato outfit, absolutely stunning.

And finally a complete Kazushihara coordinate – you just know that this is going to be big this year.

So a Candy back to full strength even if the lights are mildly dimmed and the music restrained at present in Shibuya.  Sister are yet to release their visuals for this season, but you can see their past look books here.  I would not like to be accused to ignoring Sister as a crucial part of the Fake Tokyo experience, but I can’t help but feel that it is Candy in particular that managed to bring something new to the increasingly stagnating Center Gai of Shibuya.

I hope you will join me in wishing Fake a very happy one year anniversary, and for the launch on the 9th of April.  It involves Gareth Pugh – what more do you need?

The mission statement of Candy – have they been the saviors of Tokyo fashion they set out to be?  All that matters is that they have been a sugary shot in the arm and are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Thank you for a wonderful year of fashion and we will join you for our own one year anniversary here at Tokyo Telephone later this month.

Pictures courtesy of Candy


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2 Responses to Fake Tokyo – The Real Tokyo Fashion

  1. Emmie says:

    Thank you for this!
    The Fake Tokyo website is absolutely amazing!! I’ve just come across a ton of amazing brands I haven’t heard of before but totally should have!

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    No problem, and don’t worry Fake has opened my eyes on numerous occasions to new underground brands, even in the UK… One thing that you can rely on is that if it makes it into Fake it is probably going to be worth a closer look.


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