As easily distracted by shiny and colourful things as I am, I sometimes feel that I neglect Sister in favour of Candy (both part of Fake Tokyo) a little too often. Well, not any more! I hereby vow not to be swayed by spikes and studs and fashionably pointy things, and will appreciate the elegance and feminine edginess of Sister just as much. Promise. (Take a look at these amazing new Sister styling images – with gravity defying hair!)

Maybe one reason why I haven’t been giving Sister enough time here on the site is that it’s pretty damn classy – and at heart I know I’m not! As much as I would like to grow up to be the kind of cool and stylish woman who shops regularly in Sister and drinks fine wines and never falls over in public… well, I’m still waiting for that to happen. So I remain a clumsy gaijin, wearing old leggings and smudged lipstick (probably some on my teeth too), and dreaming of the day when I can browse confidently around Sister and not knock things over or trip down the stairs…

Anyway, enough about my personal failings! Hurrah! Sister is best described as what it is: the upstairs to Candy’s downstairs, the elegance to Candy’s chaos. Following a similar model as part of the Fake Tokyo building collective, Sister also imports a selection of foreign brands, native Japanese designers and their own range of excellent hosiery. I keep using using words here like ‘stylish‘, ‘elegant‘ and ‘feminine‘ because that’s what it’s all about: being a lady. The Sister lady loves style, and isn’t afraid to experiment or step outside her comfort zone. She loves Japanese fashion talent as much as European, and probably has a very large collection of interesting shoes (or so I like to imagine, anyway!). But what better way to get under the skin of Sister than to take a look at the following:

Staff Styling

I love a good suit! Oh, and those graduated colour trousers from Akira Naka on the right are just wonderful.

Really like the natural tones in both of these outfits, and the relaxed look of the wide leg trousers. Adding a bit of edge with jewellery from Malcolm Guerre too.

Yes, it’s Nonoka! Last seen gracing the pages of Egg magazine, and now at Sister. Glad to see that Non’s fantastic sense of style is still present!

I’ve seen quite a few trench coats popping up for this autumn again, and this one on the left is high up on my list of contenders.

Sister Stockings

I’ll be honest: really want a pair! My nails do err on the sharp side though, so perhaps not….

Product Picks

Left: amazing jacket from Mural, I might have to attempt to make something similar! Right: Jeffrey Campbell finds his natural Tokyo home.

Left: Hermione de Paula’s beautiful ‘Sapphire’ top. Right: you know I can’t resist anything a bit pointy!

Left & right: Sophie Hulme seems to embody the Sister look, and has become a staple brand. Love it.

Left: vintage sunglasses – well, it wouldn’t be Tokyo Telephone without a bit of vintage! Right: amazing fur-sleeved blazer by Akira Naka – one to research for the future…

And so ends my little bit of Sister – feeling inspired? Even though I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my inner non-classy Rebecca, I’m almost confident I can tame her slightly with a trip to Sister!

See more from Sister at the Fake Tokyo site.

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2 Responses to Fake Tokyo’s Stylish Sister

  1. Leanne says:

    I LOVE Sister!! I think more than Candy (but then I’m older 😉

    I got those fab charcoal lacy tights when I was last there in March…but they already have a ladder i them! Woh 🙁

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – Maybe you could just ladder them a bit more? that’s the only thing putting me off buying a pair or two!

    It’s funny, because we go to Sister just as much as Candy. I promise to give Sister just as much attention;)

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