New accessory brand Fangophilia has currently taken up residence in the Garter entrance space of the Kitakore building in Koenji, greeting visitors with some of the most brilliantly disturbing jewelry you are likely to see this year.  Designer Hanabusa Taro is actually trained as a dentist (a surprisingly common path into the silver jewelry scene) and bored of making conventional false teeth decided to spice the formula up with vampiric fangs and grillz, before turning the same casting methods to ears, fingers, noses and probably any part of the body you are willing to let him near.

The results are rendered in either sterling silver or lighter compound metals (if you are worried about the weight ) and are made on a completely order made basis.  If you want your fingernails as long as talons, accurate fingerprints or even custom fingerprints, the choice is yours and given the designer’s leanings towards body modification culture, is likely to get an open-minded audience.  Aside from the tailored anatomical work that is the focus of this exhibition there are also conventional items of jewelry on offer such as earrings, bangles and necklaces, but as I always say with a young designer, you want to grab something custom before the brand gets too big.

The work is presented beautifully on actual body casts, really hammering home the extension of the body concept, and while I have seen plenty of silver finger tips before, this designer’s complete world and clinical dedication to accuracy really appeals.

Both the knuckle and full finger armor ring design are a nice riff off gothic silver jewelry, but here they are genuinely unsettling where the cross and cobweb strewn variants are unlikely to be.

A selection of casts used in his teeth jewelry production.

A selection of ears which you can pierce and stretch the lobes to tastes.  He also sells pointed ear cuffs for people who want to reference body mod culture without going under the scalpel.

Fangophilia’s work does extend into the art world, but I am assured that the eye pieces at least are functional.

There is something very uncanny about the fingertips, perhaps it is the illusion of amputation they bring to the hand?  Again a reference to body mod culture.

Here you can see the designer’s dental implant inspired fangs – these are actually temporary grill constructions, but seeing as the designer is a dentist by trade I am sure he could make the real tooth caps if you so desire.

This is just a taste of what is to come from this young designer, and hopefully we will see more of Tokyo’s body modification scene enter the world of fashion in due course.  Unfortunately, aside from a couple of standard pieces everything here has to be custom made based on your anatomy, but if you are in Tokyo, or just visiting then you can arrange an appointment with the designer through the official website here.

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