My first few posts here will be more of a reference – in case I’m waffling on about gyaru brands at 109 and the “um, what’s gyaru?” question arises. These are meant to be more of a taster than a comprehensive guide, so I’ve linked to blogs where I think the authors best exemplify their own styles.

I’ll be covering lolita, gyaru and mori as I feel that these styles will be most likely to come up in future posts. I’ll also try to cover some less-represented styles in one post, even though they may be a bit derivative it’s always great to see what’s going on.

I suppose I should also say that I am not a self-proclaimed ‘Japanese fashion expert’, not at all! I’m just an admirer, but I do really love to shop in Japan!

So, let’s begin…


In a nutshell: bows, frills and bell-shaped skirts

Likely locations: Harajuku

Magazine: Gothic & Lolita Bible

About lolita: not to be confused with the other Lolita, lolita fashion has a wide variety of influences and sub-styles. Ranging from elegant Victoriana and OTT Rococo lace-monsters to sweet pastel colours and cheeky nautical themes, there’s something for everyone… provided you like your fashion frilly!

Over time, I’ve seen the lolita style swing from monotone gothic to sugary sweet and now I thinks it’s heading back over to elegant; think jewel colours, rich fabrics and more mature prints.

Also see:
– one of my favourite lolita fashion blogs!


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