February may have been a bit of a damp squib in terms of weather, but everything’s looking rather bright here at Tokyo Telephone! We’re currently gearing up for the next Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo in mid-March, and we both can’t wait to bring you all the latest looks and catwalk drama, as well as (wifi permitting!) live tweets and photos too. I’m already planning my fashion week wardrobe – plenty of maxi-dresses and high heels on my end… what would you wear if you were attending Japan Fashion Week?


Boho-chic Banter: Take a visual tour of Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa, and see for yourself this lovely & down-to-earth part of Tokyo – what will you discover?

Roll Up, Roll Up: What do you get when you add Samuel to a seaside carousel? A pretty great Private Number personal style post, actually! What’s the good-looking half of Tokyo Telephone been wearing this month? One of our favourite tumblrs, endlessblockades, also shared some photos of Samuel in one of our NOMI creations – see the photos here and here.

Tokyo Photo: We’ve started using instagram to share our photos (follow us: tokyotelephone, we’d love to follow you too), and we like it so much that we’ve added it to our sidebar! Spot some new and previously unseen photos popping up… You may have also noticed another addition to the sidebar – a beautiful illustration that the very talented Alexandra Davis created just for us! What an honour! Thank you so much, we love it.

I Fancy U: Things got a bit sugary sweet when we spread the Tokyo Telephone love on Valentine’s day as we shared our 10 favourite things about Japan – including how our shared interests brought us together, awww bless. No appologies for the ridiculous puri-kura photos though!

Cosmetic Queen: Now, it’s no secret that I love a bit of make-up, especially when it’s beautifully packaged. Take a look at some of the best Japanese make-up that looks just as good in your bag as it does on your face! Featuring Anna Sui, Dolly Wink and more…

Silver Institution: Chrome Hearts is wildly popular in Japan, as has produced some pretty incredible items in its time. Samuel helps us through the maze of dinosaurs, chopsticks and Barbies in his guide to rare Chrome Hearts – a must-see, if only for the toilet plunger!

Brightokyo: I’ve been hard at work for Brighton Fashion Week; this month I’ve written about our visit to Brighton tattoo convention, a review of the Mark-Styler mode spring summer 2011 catwalk collections and the Japanese menswear brands at Paris Fashion Week, and even took a look at more Tokyo vintage fashion and fairy-kei too! I was also lucky enough to get my article on Betsey Johnson’s autumn winter 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week published on Glam – I’m sure there’s a few of her fans here too!

World Wide Love: The charming people at Tokyo Bounce (the Japan gadget Shop‘s blog) featured Samuel’s post on Shinji Konishi’s amazing hair creations on their weekend reading list, and I think you’ll agree that it’s well worth a look! The lovely Lisa of ichogoichilove also mentioned a few of our articles too, as did our mate in Oz, Leanne of The Fashionate Traveller – thank you so much! Oh, and remember Samuel’s look at Thunderbox? It seems we’ve grabbed their attention and ended up on the news page, hurrah! GEEK PUNK!

And Finally: If you’re stuck for something to watch, then Samuel highly recommends the Japanese assault course Sasuke in his hilarious post on what has become an institution in the Tokyo Telephone household. Just don’t try any drinking games while watching the Rolling Escargot…

Links and Sites: We’re always on the look out for interesting and fabulous blogs & sites to add to our phone book – leave us a comment or drop us a line at hello @ tokyotelephone.com if you’d like to be added to our ever-growing list. Content from Tokyo Telephone is also available on flickrlivejournal and twitter too – if you like what we do, then feel free to spread the word with our shiny new social media links at the bottom of each article; look at them pop up! We’re also featured on Glam UK‘s fashion channel – a great way to see what’s going on on the rest of the network.

But enough about us… what did you get up this month?

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2 Responses to February News

  1. Lisa says:

    Cor…. look at that! I’m blushing! (/-^#)
    Cheers very much for the shout out – And you know I only mention you guys in my posts to create an easy-ref online library for myself, right? ;P

    And yes, those pop up share buttons *are* very fancy indeed! ^^ I just spent the last 3 minutes scrolling over them making them pop up in time to D=OUT’s サイケデリコ∞サイケデリコ. It’s quite possibly time for me to get back to doing something useful. ^^

    Ohohoh that’s right! What I’d wear t Japan Fashion Week (ohhh, envy!): *definitely* those baby blue polkadotted shorts from LIZLISA. Just the shorts. I like them *that* much. (well, okay maybe coupled with this http://shop.madebynoemi.com/en/artiklar/women-s-underwear/previous-collections-1/in-the-color-shadow-of-edward/pigeon-body.html and a really long soft cardie, but only because I have to. ^^ Oh shoes…shoes…I’ll get back to you on those, can’t get past the shorts. (I know, I know! I’m so sophisticated, right?))

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to wear to Fashion Week! Eeek! Gotta plan NOW!

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