You know what I love more than writing about shoes? You may think that it would be writing about shoes while wearing awesome shoes, but no: writing about red shoes while wearing awesome shoes.

Thanks to our favourite gyaru shoe-makers Flag-J for helping me live the dream:

Little known fact: the Pope wears red shoes. Probably not like the above ones, though.

Two huge trends this winter are fur and red accessories. Flag-J (or Flaj as I keep mistakenly typing) have done a great job capturing both – fur-topped moccasin-like suede boots with extra dangly bits (love the tan shade), and wonderful little zipped ankle boots in a variety of colours as well a show-stopping red.

At the risk of this turning into an ode to shoes, I will say this: no matter how rubbish I feel, new shoes or even just old great shoes never fail to cheer me up.

However, buying shoes in Japan can be something of a trial: I’m a UK 6/Eu 39 which roughly equates to Japanese 25cm/L or even XL shoes size, putting me firmly in the largest shoe size available and ruling out the world of Japanese shoes for those with larger feet. Although many of the shoes readily available are of pretty fantastic design, they’re not likely to be made of leather which can be quite disappointing in terms of quality. As I also found out this summer, Tokyo streets have a habit of eating shoes too! On the plus side, there’s a huge variety of shoes & boots available (most often arranged by size in shops – just grab & try on like everyone else), and Tokyu Hands sell the best insoles ever – truly a life/foot saver.


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