Minir Dees (coming from the French mignardises, meaning preciousness) has produced a really gorgeous collection for this season, and I’m not just saying that because I have the same hair cut & colour as the model!

As you can see, they’ve really focused on this summer’s keywords (denim & floral) and have made some on-trend items with lovely detailing and great prices. The French influence is¬†noticeable in most garments, and in this case I think it’s a good thing – just imagine yourself at a cafe, drinking lemon tea with a small dog nipping at your heels. Or, as I prefer, hitting the streets of Tokyo in effortlessly chic style!

I also really enjoy their use of black and monotone prints; Liz Lisa’s style is pretty similar, but I feel that the darker colours added to the girly florals really give Minir Dees some edge. I couldn’t resist including the little Chanel-influenced bag – pale denim, large bow, quilting, chain handle and jewel studs… ah, I’m in love!

Find Minir Dees:

Tokyo: Shibuya 109, 6th floor

Osaka: Shinsaibashi OPA, 4th floor

I’m looking forward to seeing what Minir Dees come out with for next season, and if they need a similar looking model they know where to find me!


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