While trotting happily around Manicolle looking at the various wares on offer, we couldn’t help but notice Frou Frou de Sucre! Like a brightly coloured beacon, plastic toys, neon animals and scraps of lace & ribbons called to me, and I dragged Samuel over like an over-excited child rushing towards a birthday cake. Hurrah!

Frou Frou de Sucre encompasses three sub-brands: Frou Frou de Sucre, specialising in crazy/amazing bags; Kazumi, constructing high quality costume jewellery; and Mikado, putting a twist on traditional Japanese imagery. Everything is hand made, one of kind… and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it!

If I had to, how would I categorise Frou Frou de Sucre? A modern interpretation of Harajuku street fashion favourite from yesteryear, decora? Neo-dolly-kei? Gothic pop? A combination of all those, and more perhaps…

Read on for a selection of my favourites from the Frou Frou de Sucre blog

A typical Frou Frou de Sucre display; the best zoo in the world. Please note the elephant with mini top hat.

Love love love this all-white alligator bag! I’d really like to see it together with a Jesus Diamante outfit! (Horror hime? Roses with studs, dog collars, black lace… Someone, please!)

Perfect for gothic lolita & punk, right? I’d have to name the bat Ozzy, of course!

These straw basket bags were hugely popular this summer in Tokyo, among several fashion sub-cultures; gyaru, shibuhara, dolly-kei… I’m glad to see Frou Frou de Sucre reviving the style for winter by adding fur and interesting accent materials, and choosing darker colours. Although I’ve seen similar items from big brands such as Liz Lisa, in this case I have to go for the indie designer – you’ll not only be getting something totally unique, but you’re supporting the individual too.

Are you more likely to invest in a popular brand, or a newer one? How do you approach the ‘morals’ of fashion, if at all?

Frou Frou de Sucre; in theory, it’s a mess. But somehow it works! Kudos.

Frou Frou de Sucre homepage

Available at Isetan; [geo_mashup_show_on_map_link]

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