It’s official: the easiest way to update your wardrobe for autumn/winter 2010 is to add fur.

Its seems that a few brands are bringing out little fox tail fur accessories – perfect for clipping on to a bag or belt and sprucing up an old outfit! Although the majority of fur around this winter is in natural shades, I really love Gilfy’s brightly coloured take on the trend – is that Elmo’s arm?! Shocking, but a fun addition that really stands out. I’ve also shown Backs’ fur tails too, and they’re already sold out so expect to be seeing on the streets sooner rather than later.

I like the idea of being able to update your look with one accessory; as with straw ‘cancan’ hats and usamimi bunny ears that were big this summer, it’s now more realistic to invest in select quality items and add trendy fast fashion accessories as needed. This is an idea I do try to live by when shopping, but sometimes my grown-up head gets overruled by my trash-loving girly heart!

I chose the main image coordinate from Backs, not only because they’re always a must-visit whenever I’m in 109, but also because I think it’s a great representation of certain trends: hats are always in favour during winter and it looks like the bowler will be big this year; there’s a strong military palette with olive, khaki and tan shades (add gold for a bit of luxury!); nerd-glasses (as Samuel & I like to call them) have been seen on the PopSister/ShibuHara crowd for a while; and of course the omnipresent fur. It’s a look I’m becoming quite fond of, as I’m afraid pastel and floral is a bit too twiddly twee for my personal tastes!

I can’t stop giggling over the Charmant shoes, I’m not sure why I find them so hilarious! They’d be great with a MA*RS-style outfit – last Christmas Samuel got me a gorgeous fur stole from MA*RS, I’m a very lucky girl!

I think I prefer the idea of fur cuffs (such as the Me Jane pair) rather than actual fur shoes – what happens if you get caught out in the rain? I suppose it’s the same trouble with fur coats… it’s a practicality issue for many people, as well as moral. I’m in no way looking to open a debate on fur, but I feel it’s necessary to talk about it as a trend as it is a major factor in Japanese fashion this winter. You might also be interested in taking a look at my post on whaling & fur – ethical tourism & Japan.


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