I like a weird cartoon as much as the next person, and fur fur‘s autumn winter 2011 collection does not disappoint. Elephants, rabbits and dogs are among the menagerie on show this winter, following on nicely from the previous season’s tie-in with the Peanuts franchise. Oh, the memories I have of last season’s show; being right at the top of La Foret in Harajuku, models with huge wigs and a poor unfortunate person parading around in a giant Snoopy costume. Brilliant. It was utter madness, and that why we love Japan Fashion Week so much.

I used to be a compulsive doodler, but since finishing university and now working in front of a computer all day (and sometimes night), I no longer have the luxury of being able to cover page after page in squiggles and designs while carefully positioning myself to a) look like I was paying attention to the lecture on Japanese business practice in the 1970s and b) get a good look at Samuel, which was the highlight of those three years. I still get my pens out now and again, most recently at Easter when I drew an Easter bunny on Samuel’s knee – bun-knee, if you will – but I don’t think he was best pleased about it.

Although Japan Fashion Week is undoubtedly more subdued this year, fur fur’s lookbook images show that there’s still room in everyone’s hearts and heads for a little smile, and maybe even a cat wearing a school uniform.


Scribbles and layers; read on…

I love the paisley dress; it’s only on second glance you notice it’s covered in little faces! (My parents had curtains bit like that when I was a wee’un, I think they had to get rid in the end.)

I’d go for both of these t-shirts, and both outfits too – some lovely tonal layering there.

A more boyish silhouette, and one that I’m currently playing with. It’s a bit salon-kei, love it.

More cats and more weird little faces. Brilliant. I’m also digging the printed trousers – they popped up on many a catwalk for this winter, so keep an eye out and pounce on them while you can!

The character t-shirt has made come-back at fur fur, along with some great layering and nods to high fashion. I’ll be adding the Tokyo rabbit to my wish list!

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2 Responses to Fur Scribble Squiggle fur fur for A/W2011

  1. bravegrrl says:

    great post! i love fur fur… i wish there was a place to get it in the states 🙂 xoxo

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thank you!

    Hmm, I think the only way would be to get a shopping service to order it for you – they will take a commission though 🙁

    Just had a look at your blog – it’s fab! Lovely to see that we have such stylish readers, haha!


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